What seems to be normal – The Left showing both incoherence and hatred. Over a simple sign??

by Steve MacDonald

Scream….Scream….Scream….Scream some more.  That is the Left’s response to a double sided sign with:

  • Trump
  • Bible verses

And they wonder why we laugh at them?

On a more serious note, how do we talk with the Left with this as an example?  We don’t.  WE CAN’T.  After 10 years of watching the Left, two things are clear:

  • They are reaching a tipping point – absolute incoherence.
  • They HATE us and everything we stand for; we have NO defense for the above because there isn’t one.

Oh yeah, and they think that this behavior is warranted, acceptable, and by a lot, desired.  It’s just a couple of small steps to go before that becomes physical violence instead of just annoying screams. This was just over A SIMPLE SIGN.  Wait until something more substantive comes along, like two more Supreme Justices or a couple of major pieces of conservative legislation that continues the rollback of Obama’s “legacy” (whatever that means).

(H/T: Townhall)

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