Merrimack High School ‘Drug Sweep’

Merrimack_High_School,_Merrimack_NHI just received this voice mail from the Principal of Merrimack High School.

“Good afternoon this is Ken Johnson principal of Merrimack High School. I’m calling to invite you to consult our school or district website for important information about plans for upcoming drug sweep of Merrimack High School. This week we’re involving a number of highly trained dogs from local and area law enforcement agencies. The use of these resources is consistent with our district’s commitment to supporting a safe and drug-free school environment. Information about this drug sweep can be found at and

So I went to the site to check it out.

For obvious reasons, we are not able to provide specific information concerning the timing of the K9 sweeps.  However, please be advised of the following:

  • The K9 drug sweep is scheduled to occur at any time before the end of this school year and MAY include a follow up sweep.
  • During the sweep, as part of standard protocol, the high school will go into lockdown. The lockdown is a police requirement necessary to ensure student safety and a controlled environment while the police dogs are in the building.  There will be a significant police presence for the duration of the event, likely to take upwards of 30 minutes.  In the event that your student communicates with you about a police action and a lock down during this event, please recognize that this is standard procedure in such proceedings.
  • The school district will provide real time information to high school parents during the sweep/lockdown, via school messenger, in an effort to allay concerns by providing appropriate and sanctioned.

I don’t have an opinion on this “activity” either way, but I’m thinking that this is more of a Darwin award test than a drug sweep.

If anyone has drugs in the school now would be the time to get them out. If they don’t and get caught that could be a result of excessive drug use or they are just that stupid.


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