The ‘March for Science’ is left-Wing Propagandist Crap

by Steve MacDonald

March For Science LogoIf the March for Science is “a diverse, nonpartisan group to call for science that upholds the common good and for political leaders and policy makers to exact evidence-based policies in the public interest” why is it being held on Earth Day?

Earth day is about feelings, not science. The March for Science is also about feelings. People who don’t like Trump are using scientists to express their feelings.

More than a few of these “scientists” probably rely on government grants or other funding for their “research” or their position at the University (look at all the money my “research” brings in). Mr. Trump thinks these resources are wasted and has different priorities.

Or maybe they are just whiny television personalities with no background in actual science but who are perceived as scientists because they played on on TV (Bill Nye the lying guy). They have to appear relevant, and Trump’s existence hurts their feelings.

Most will be activists fro organizations backed by large dollar Democrat donors, some claiming to be scientists, most or all of them more in love with scientism, progressivism, and the global warming gravy train than anything else.

Put simply; this is another left-wing driven we hate Trump protest using science as a cover for list-building, donation pimping, and sympathetic media narrative stroking. And while a real science march would be held on Einstien’s birthday or some other date of significance, this one is meant to give the climate cult cover by linking it to something claiming to be about science.

It is a fraud and nothing more than politically motivated propaganda.


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