Auburn Police Unmask Antifa Members

by Scott Morales

The cowards naturally slither away and hide their faces from the cameras.

These Antifa Fas are extremely adolescent. Check out the guy donning the shoulder pads and clutching a garbage can lid shield. It’s like he’s heading to a Dungeons and Dragons fantasy camp.  Reminds of a great read by one of my faves I read just yesterday (Kevin’s full column is here):

Here’s a thought for the self-proclaimed antifa: You’re a bunch of idiot children, obviously. But you’re also a bunch of aspiring street-fighters who glorify political violence and dismiss liberal notions of free speech and property rights as so much outmoded bourgeois window-dressing standing in the way of what promises to be a glorious future.

You’re wearing black shirts.

Are you entirely sure you’re the anti-fascists?



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