But Timothy Horrigan ABSOLUTELY embraces this

by Skip

– passing off your PERSONAL responsibility to help and outsource it to Government instead.


And with this bit of virtue-signaling, feeling superior to everyone else. There’s no way that Timothy would do, as a FINE upstanding Socialist Progressive, as the real Good Samaritan – dig into his own pocket.  It’s too easy to put that on Government and socialize that cost (so he would pay less).

(H/T: Powerline)

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  • mer

    “And as part of that law I will have my disciples take money from the beggar woman to help pay for it”

    • granitegrok

      I’m betting that Timothy MIGHT be familiar with the Good Samaritan. The widow?
      Not so much.

      • mer

        “Render unto Caesar…” translates to “All your monies belong to US” with US being “The Gov”

  • Bruce Currie

    Countries with universal coverage spend less and have better outcomes. We spend over 17% of GDP on “healthcare”, while the average for other advanced nations is much less–around 12-13%.

    • granitegrok

      And as expected, you missed the broad side of the barn as well, Bruce.

      • mer

        I’m guessing the noone from these other advanced nations comes to the US for medical treatment, do they?

      • Ed Naile

        You noticed hat too?
        Me thinks we have a paid troll. Nothing else explains this kind of nonsense.
        Luckily, there weren’t a dozen irrelevant left-wing web site “sources.”
        Oh, and NAZI’s had free health care.
        (here come the web sites)

        • 175jfs

          My view exactly. He flips too often with current interest topics.

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