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Why Did Kate D’Adamo Try to Gag New Hampshire’s Human Trafficking Task Force?

human_traffickingKate D’Adamo was picked to lead the New Hampshire Human Trafficking Collaborative Task Force. But as noted here, D’Adamo is a national advocate for legalizing prostitution, and the two are intimately connected.

Decriminalizing pimping and the sex trade would tie the hands of investigators. The buyers and the sellers would be able to continue their devastating business, while victims would have no clear way out.

This morning the Union Leader reported that on Monday D’Adamo publicly advocated for legalizing prostitution again to the dismay of at least one New Hampshire House rep who said, D’Adamo’s support in that role makes it look as if the Task Force favors it too. 

“She’s absolutely welcome to her own opinion on her own time,” said state Rep. Debra Altschiller, (D-Stratham). “When you administer a federal grant with federal taxpayer dollars, you are representing the people, not yourself, not your personal beliefs.”

Based on the reporting it sounded as if D’Adamo was dismissive of these concerns which should raise red flags when you consider the Union Leader is also reporting that she tried “to have all members sign confidentiality agreements and not discuss task force business outside of its meetings.”

Task Force members rejected the idea, but we’ve got a very clear picture of how Kate D’Adamo would prefer to run her program. She want’s lock-step control of the public narrative. To control the message.

Taxpayers, advocates looking to put an end to human trafficking, and those working to keep women from becoming slaves to sex-work all have reason to wonder what she was trying to hide.