Sen. Hassan Cites Fake News Story in Confirmation Hearing

by Scott Morales

Making her Senatorial debut in the DHS confirmation hearing, Senator Hassan cited her deep concern about the Russians hacking the Vermont power grid as the Washington Post reported a few weeks back.  She evidently didn’t get the update that the story was totally debunked and eventually retracted (fake news strikes again!).  Fortunately for Maggs, General Kelley was gracious realizing he was dealing with someone not really together and just went with it and didn’t embarrass her with a correction.

Oof.  These are going to be a long six years.  Hopefully, she can start to pay attention and keep up with what’s going on.  Otherwise, we’ll be in for more cringe worthy stories like when Ann Kuster didn’t realize Benghazi was in the Middle East.


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  • Maggie McStupid.

  • Bryan W

    It’s sad, isn’t it? Out in the political cold, dozens of Democrats (can’t say hundreds anymore), self-deluded, narcissistic, abandoned to starve with nothing but fake news to eat. Only your contribution today to the American Society to Save Despised Democrats (ASSDA) can help these poor souls. Your desperately needed contribution will be used to build safe spaces, buy crayons and paper, cases of kleenex, and internet access to the Daily Kos — so we can save these poor souls from this devastating fate. $19.99 a month – just $.67 per day – is all that is needed to help shelter these Democrats from the truth. Call now – operators are standing by.

  • Laurie Pettengill

    if you tell a lie enough times it eventually becomes the truth! The Dems rely on this premise! She may not be as unenlightened as we think..she may be sly as a fox! Keep those lies rolling around the halls of DC…THOSE LIES are what the New York Times will turn into truths! TO BAD A CORRECTION IS NOT ON RECORD!! Catching Maggie in a lie right off the bat would have been cleansing!!

  • Ed Naile

    College students have sent one of the dumbest polls in NH to the US Senate.
    What could we expect buy comedy.

  • Van Mosher

    We can thank
    out of state college students for putting this moron into the US Senate
    Seat. Our elected officials must construct laws that out of state
    students who pay out of state tuitions should not be considered eligible to

    • Bluto: What? Over? Did you say “over”? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!
      Otter: Germans?
      Boon: Forget it. He’s rolling.

    • In true post 17th amendment fashion she is a Senator of “the people.” The people being those aforementioned out of state voters who elected her.

  • Lowin Fovoter

    As I said on the Howie Carr Chump line… Thanks a lot same day voter registration.

  • Ward Griffiths

    Last I looked, Benghazi was in North Africa, not the Middle East.

    • Scott Morales

      So is Egypt; however, diplomatically/politically both are considered Middle East or Near East. Strictly continentally speaking, there is no Middle East. It’s either Asia, Europe, or Africa.

      Anni was at an event to answer questions about Israel and the Middle East. Thus begat the douche chill moment.


  • Ward Griffiths

    At least Maggie’s no longer directly screwing up New Hampshire. She has to work second hand from Washington City. Maybe legislation that benefits people of this state won’t be instantly vetoed. Especially pro-freedom legislation.

    • Ed Naile

      Maggie will do what Chuck Schumer suggests.
      And if there is a camera around she will gravitate to it like a moth.
      But her asking about a dead issue of fake news goes at LEAST to the qua;lity of staff she has working for her. Surely one of them had read a news report about this.
      Now if she was free form, off the cuff, asking what are supposed to be serious questions of a nominee, and she FEELS she is smart enough to do that on her own.
      Get ready for more comedy.

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