New Hampshire Constitutional Carry Bill Should Become Law in 2017

by Steve MacDonald

Gun Rights prevent rapeNew Hampshire Senate Bill 12 (2017) is an Act, repealing the licensing requirement for carrying a concealed pistol or revolver. The new law would make the current pistol revolver license in New Hampshire optional. So, anyone legally able to own a firearm in the state would be legally able to put a coat or jacket on without having to get permission from a local police chief first. (Open carry without a license is already legal in New Hampshire.)

The bill has the support of all 14 Republicans in the State Senate, with 13 of them being sponsors and Governor Sununu has said he would sign such a bill. A hearing is already scheduled so expect this bill to move quickly to the governor’s desk to become law.

A similar bill passed the legislature in 2015 and 2016 but was vetoed by Democrat Gov. Maggie Hassan.

Governor Sununu is on the record dismissing the rhetoric of chiefs of police associations and others who oppose the change.

SB 12 would also extend the time for which the optional license is valid (a license may be required for reciprocity) and “Requires the director of the division of state police to negotiate and enter into agreements with other jurisdictions to recognize in those jurisdictions the validity of the license to carry issued in this state.”


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  • Susan

    as important is repealing 100 years of statutory discrimination by
    replacing the wholly capricious and arbitrary use of the pejorative term
    “suitable” with the crystal clear and consistent phrase “not prohibited
    by state or federal law.

    • Michael

      Exactly this. The nice little bump from 4 years to 5 years is nice. Would like to see the next session file a measure to make the license LIFETIME.

  • Radical Moderate

    A great start! Optional is the best way to go. The only reason a person should need a CC license is to travel out of state. I would also like to see President Trump attain the Holy Grail of Gun ownership which is National Reciprocity! If I can legally drive in any other state on my NH drivers license then the same should apply to a NH concealed carry license as well.

    • Michael

      A NH P&R also allows the licensee to purchase FTF from strangers, GFSZA compliance – in addition to interstate reciprocity as you mentioned.

      • Radical Moderate

        Mike, can you please spell out the acronyms for those that don’t have the knowledge base that you do.

        • Navy Nuke

          NH P&R: New Hampshire Pistol & Revolver license
          FTF, Face to face
          GFSZA: Gun Free School zone act

  • My biggest issue was as soon as you get into a vehicle your (sidearm) is considered concealed. Not to mention the “casual” NH… Hey, it’s freakin’ COLD out. Let me just put on my anorak! (Or Carhart work coveralls)

  • Michael

    Nobody should have to grovel to a state bureaucrat to exercise his or her rights. If there’s no special registration, tax, fees, or other obstacles to vote, than the same should be for Second Amendment rights.

  • KAMGlosta

    ‘Should’ being the key word. There are some anti-2A Republicans on the Criminal Justice Committee

    • Navy Nuke

      Making calls today.

  • Don

    When does this become the law?

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