This Choice But Not School Choice? - Granite Grok

This Choice But Not School Choice?

Transgender bathroomThe big news this week just became a letter from Barack Obama’s America to every public school across the fruited plain. He says your local schools must let boys use the girls bathroom whenever they feel like it.

So, no to voucher programs for the daughters of poor families that want to get them out of failing public schools, but hell yes to make them share the restroom with boys.You would tell parents, no to homeschooling, education tax credits, or voucher programs in general, all education choices, but yes to teenage boys choosing to wander in to girls restrooms, at your local public school, at will?

Yeah, we could get bogged down in the particulars but I have a better idea. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to ask anyone who has ever opposed school choice (mostly Democrats, I suspect), and anyone running for election–or reelection–if they support the President’s decree?

Do you oppose safe spaces for girls in public school bathrooms and locker-rooms?

Are you willing to change your position on real school choice, so that local parents and students–who might be uncomfortable with mixed gender bathrooms, for reasons religious, personal, or otherwise–can choose other schools?

Would you ever try to impose these sorts of rules on private, religious, or charter schools?

Would you support blocking any or all taxpayer funds or support to any organization that refused to make all their bathrooms mixed gender?

Is this really something the President should be investing his time on?

There are plenty of questions you could ask along this vein, so just have fun with it. And please let us know what yo learn.