Why Maggie Hassan Had to Know About The Sex Scandal

by Steve MacDonald

Maggie Hassan - I know a Secret...

“I know a secret…”

Maggie Hassan was “unemployed” in 2011 when the Phillips Exeter Academy Schubart sexual child-abuse scandal was at its peak. By that, I mean, between elected offices. She had a lot more free time. Time that could have included conversations about a teacher who had engaged in inappropriate sexual relationships with students on her husband’s campus.

Maggie and Hubby Hassan both claim Mags was not “in the loop” on that one. That he never told her about it. I find that difficult to believe, and not just because she was very likely around more often.

Maggie was always going to get back in to politics. It was who she is and it is what she does. She would be running for something in 2012. Running for governor was a likely next-step and everyone paying any attention knew that. She’s been following in Jeanne Shaheen’s footsteps for ages.

So who wants to pretend that Tom Hassan does not tell his wife, who is planning to run for office, maybe even governor, that there is a sex scandal on his campus, the one where they have been living, because it would be so much better for her to learn about it in the press?

For him to keep that information from her is simply absurd; it would inevitably come out and there would be professional ramifications. The goal would have to be to keep it from mucking up her next run for elected office, so I’d bet money that at least a few folks in State Democrat Party Leadership knew about it and even had a plan in place if it broke before election night.

We know it was covered up. The desire to keep it hidden from the public extended to a national body that would have likely shared it were it known. A body upon whose board Tom Hassan was a member. An organization that, not knowing–despite his presence–gave the teacher involved in having sex with students a prestigious teaching award.

Cover. Up. From parents and educators, to national bodies associated with boarding schools and the electorate.

The scandal had no public fanfare when Tom Hassan learned of it. And the teacher was quietly forced to retire without public fanfare. All things that are political and necessary for a guy whose wife is looking to advance politically, and now looks to score a US Senator’s salary with all the perks, parties, power, and attention that go with it.

It was a secret. Now it is not. Tom is sorry. Maggie is sorry too.

They are sorry they got caught covering it up during her race for the US Senate, of that I can assure you. They hope it doesn’t ruin their elevation to the next level of opportunity for cover-up, corruption, and intrigue in the big leagues. But this is exactly why we don’t want them there.

It is more obvious than ever before that Maggie Hassan can’t be trusted and her husband clearly is no check on her, whatsoever.

Don’t forget, this is a woman who has been busted repeatedly for accepting illegal campaign contributions, which she only returns after she gets caught. And now we know that the Hassan’s will lie and cover-up sex scandals (involving children) to protect their political fortunes.

I don’t think she will step aside, but she should. Then she can apologize for that too.

At the very least, I hope she’s not planning to advocate for transparency in her campaign. That could be really embarrassing


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