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Equal Pay Day: Governor Hassan continues to patronize NH women with her lies about equal pay


Today Governor Hassan sent out a press release with her usual bogus statements on Equal Pay Day. Hassan continues to use debunked studies over and over again in order to get women to believe they aren’t actually paid equally to men. Hassan is intentionally lying and she knows it. She previously admitted to using whatever studies will fit her false narrative that women are victims.

The Equal Pay Act was passed in 1963 and has been the law since then. Anyone can sue their employer if they believe they are not being paid equally under the law. As has been reported over and over again, the fact is that very few women sue because they are indeed paid equally. Of those that bring cases to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, a tiny percentage actually have cases move forward. The majority are tossed out as fraudulent claims.

Of course, Hassan and New Hampshire Democrats never want women to believe they aren’t victims so they continue to perpetrate the fraud that women don’t earn equal pay. Some women actually believe their lies while others use facts, statistics, evidence and the law to back up their factual statements that women are indeed paid equally.

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Hassan and her fellow victim-promoting Democrats are once again using and abusing women to push the Paycheck Fairness Act which will do absolutely nothing but hurt women in the workforce. From the Daily Caller:

The Paycheck Fairness Act will make it harder for women to negotiate their own salaries, and for the company to respond to the needs and demands of those it employs. There are many conceivable reasons a woman might accept a lower salary: perhaps they’d like to market themselves competitively when coming back to work after raising children, or exchange lower pay for flexible hours. Under the Paycheck Fairness Act, these women will find themselves at a disadvantage.

The Paycheck Fairness Act, like the Lily Ledbetter Act has nothing to do with equal pay. Equal pay is already the law and has been for decades. The Ledbetter Act is nothing but a boon for lawyers, admitted in a speech by Vice President Joe Biden. The Paycheck Fairness Act is another boon for lawyers but one that also hurts businesses and overall hurts women. When women can no longer freely negotiate their salary, time and benefits because of a left wing law, there’s a problem. One that Hassan and other Democrats will never admit.

Why? Hassan and Democrats truly believe women are ignorant and frankly, stupid. They believe women won’t bother to look into the facts, statistics or history so they throw out ridiculous and false statements because they believe women are simple and “emotional.” They use women as victims in order to get votes from those women who believe their lies. They continue to victimize women rather than celebrate how much women have actually accomplished since the Equal Pay Act was passed back in 1963. Democrats would rather women be dependent on the government than remain independent individuals. How patronizing is that?