Twitter Death Watch? - Granite Grok

Twitter Death Watch?

TRUST SAFETY TWITTER2With the introduction of the Twitter thought police, assuming that is allowed to continue, it wont be long before they kick me out.  But that’s not a big deal. I am not a heavy Twitter user. Others, however, spend a good deal of time there and should expect to be shown the door in short order if Twitter’s new jack-booted, left-wing, feminazi-lead Trust and Safety Council continues to interpret the rules to silence speech it opposes. Prompted, of course, by those offended by your speech.

Ace has already left in protest, and more will surely follow.

No, they wont be parading the left-wing-haters out the 140 character door. That is “hate” to which they can relate, which is to say that it is approved hate. Racist, sexist, and outright hostile words or threats directed at non-progressives, be they white, black, gay, Hispanic, straight, or otherwise, is acceptable. Policing speech isn’t about what but who.

Twitter is, of course, free to become a monopoly venue for nutty left-wing ranting but they should not be surprised if they find their empire crumbling alongside the left leaning media on its march into obscurity.

With that in mind, take the title of this post whichever way you like. How long before you find your speech on the wrong side of Twitter’s new intolerance tolerance? Or how long before Twitter’s value collapses so badly that the speech police themselves are shown the door? And depending on when the latter occurs, if it does, will twitter ever be able to recover? Or does this all blow over until the next time?

Finally. Regardless of what happens, where is Twitter’s replacement? Someone has to be working overtime knowing that there are millions of twitter junkies who could happily migrate to something similar–and less prone to left-wing thought policing–if such a thing existed.

*And no, that is not their logo, I threw that together to give it all the proper thought police ambiance. Subject to change without notice.