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Smart Guy and Mommy Dance in the Wind

south-park-WoW guy with no life

Here is a post dedicated to Smart Guy and his Mommy! Smart Guy is being pretty nasty to us humble Groksters. All of us are under strict grammar and spelling patrol.

I think what initiated this cranky, liberal, game of scrabble is that Smart Guy has a blog which gets MAYBE one comment per month – from the same commenter.

Obviously Smart Guy has “Comment Envy” and a lot of free time living in Mommy’s basement. Wanna bet Mommy is a teacher?

I am diverting these two Obama worshipers over to this article to save everyone time and space while we write about important news and high level conservative opinion. The Obama acolyteweights using up our precious time will be used, as usual, as a teaching moment.

We have gone through the first step in the program – lectured to and demeaned for our lack of intelligence.

Mommy jumping in was a surprise. Even the fake state rep from Durham hasn’t had an adult relative defend him yet.

So here we go.

I will spoell a few words wron for bate.

And just for an added attraction I will put the word “penis” in my post to help overcome any thought Smart Guy has of not responding.