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Kevin M. Beck, Professional Troll

Kevin Beck
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He who loves to correct spelling and grammar is a “professional” writer. Hard to believe but true.

Of course I am an aspiring actor waiting for my big break in Hollywood (as a bad guy) and just blogging here until my ship comes in.

So here is Kevin E. Beck’s favorite article about one of his favorite subjects.

See if it meets the smell test:

Call it the “I’m RUBBER, YOU’RE GLUE!” rebuttal

Posted in Catablogic Blathering, Failures of Faith, Hominidiots on February 6, 2016

False equivalency as a rhetorical tactic of the religious right is nothing new, but it seems to be more prevalent lately. I read a story on my new pick for the most comically stupid “news” site on the Internet,, in which the anonymous author — supposedly a high-school kid in Canada but almost certainly one or more regular contributors the the site — complains that people calling him a bully for maligning homosexuality and same-sex marriage are actually the real bullies. Others have taken up the cry that calling bigoted homophobes “bigoted homophobes” (for lack of a clearer , more specific term) is itself bigotry and marks an unwillingness on the part of liberals to properly understand where they’re coming from.

Look, you idiots. You stand on sidewalks by the hundreds if not thousands across America , waving signs declaring just what you think of gays and gay marriage and where those folks will be spending eternity if they fail to repent. You yammer incessantly about sinners and the evils of faggotry and an “anything goes” culture on Web sites, rail on in sheer stunning ignorance of both history and the Bible itself about what “traditional marriage” has “always been.” You’re oppressive, deluded meddlers, but one think you are not is complicated. The rest of us “get” you very well.

Which underscores yet another example of false equivalency: According to SSM opponents and everyone who can’t shut the f++k about “sin” for thirty damn minutes, a refusal to approve of something is tantamount to a failure to grasp its purported complexities.

Now take *this* example of nonsensical philosophical cartwheeling one step further into the void, and you find people who are the close cousins of every tenaciously ignorant “birther” who has ever expelled a stinking breath: To wit (or not), people who say that Roe vs. Wade is not settled law, because the entire case was founded on lies. No, really; there are anonymous yutzes posing heroically as nonpareil legal scholars who assert that, while the reality of Roe vs. Wade has somehow eluded the Supreme Court and whole armies of case-law experts over the past 40-plus years, *they* know the real deal, and if only the world would get a clue.

It would be charming, in its own s++t-streaked way, if such people were not allowed to vote. But they are, and that takes a lot of the giggle out of the stick.”

Notice how perfect Kevin E. Beck’s article is?

1. No mistakes in the the Kevin E. Beck article at all.
2. Kevin just cart wheels through his professional writings, regardless of spelling.
3. One think it is, is high brow.

I wonder what Kevin’s Mommy was trying to avoid commenting about when she was trolling Granite Grok and defending her writer son and his nasty, mindless, name-calling here on Granite Grok?


Editors Note: Original text does not include “++” in f++k and s++t.