Study: New Hampshire is one of the ‘safest places on planet earth’ - Granite Grok

Study: New Hampshire is one of the ‘safest places on planet earth’


On Tuesday, The Mises Institute reported on a study from Pew Research that looked at the homicide rate in the United States. Ironically this report comes out the day after out-of-state gun control lobbyist Mark Kelly was in New Hampshire pushing for more gun control laws.

The study looked at the homicide rate in the United States and finds that the homicide rate has increasingly fallen. New Hampshire’s homicide rate is incredibly low. From Mises:

In New Hampshire, the homicide rate in 2014 was 0.9 homicides per 100,000, making New Hampshire in 2014 one of the safest places (in terms of homicide) on planet earth.

The homicide rate in the United States has declined by 50% over the past twenty years. This is happening even as gun ownership has risen. This isn’t some new statistic. This has been a trend now for many years. It’s interesting that the gun control lobby continues to claim there is some gun violence epidemic when in fact overall homicides are decreasing.

In New Hampshire, with some of the least strict gun control laws in the country, the homicide rate remained extremely low and the Granite State is consistently one of the safest states in the country. Why then were out-of-state gun control lobbyists in the state pimping a new gun control organization?

A better question might be why Democrat Manchester Alderman Bill Barry, former Democrat House Speaker Terie Norelli, former state Senate Democrat Sylvia Larsen and former New Hampshire First Lady Susan Lynch were all in attendance to support Kelly’s ridiculous lies about the state. Are these people now on the gun control lobby payroll?

Mises brings up some other good points as well:

…guns are more prevalent now than they were twenty years ago. And there is less homicide now than before.

In that case then, we’re left asking why the insistence on gun control? If less alcohol consumption and poverty are the driving issues here, why is it assumed that gun control is the most pressing “solution”? If gun-control advocates were really concerned about reducing mortality, they’d take a closer look at prescription drugs.

Of course, gun control lobbyists and Democrats aren’t concerned with reducing mortality or making anyone safe. If they were, they would actually reach out to places with high instances of actual gun violence like Chicago, Baltimore and New Orleans. They ignore these places. Instead they push gun control in states like New Hampshire which is indeed one of the ‘safest places on planet Earth.’