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Socialism: the epitome of income inequality – a Venezuelan observation

Socialism IS for the Lazy amongst youI just don’t understand the hoo-ha over Bernie Sanders who is about as Communist / Socialist that has run for US President since Eugene Debs (even as Hillary is trying hard to out-Left him).  Socialism has NEVER worked, but I guess that with the “divide everyone” war on American citizen by Obama and the nonstop “I will give you” of other peoples’ money.  LIVs all around and not a single set of their eyeballs to watch the eventual meltdown that comes – Venezuela that finally awoke from its torpor and misery and kicked the Chavista socialists out of power in the legislature.  John at Powerline has this observation (emphasis mine):

Venezuelans were appalled not only by the poverty that socialism caused, but also by the corruption that accompanied the Chavez/Maduro regime. This is no surprise: as Glenn Reynolds has said many times, leftists hate free market policies because, while they enrich the ordinary citizen, they provide insufficient opportunities for graft among the political elite.

Venezuelans know all about graft: Hugo Chavez’s daughter, Maria Gabriela Chavez, has a $4 billion fortune that was stolen from the Venezuelan people. And she is not the only beneficiary of left-wing corruption. Alejandro Andrade, who was Venezuela’s treasury minister under Chavez, was found to have $11.2 billion in Swiss bank accounts. No wonder Venezuelans thought it was time to give freedom a chance!

That sort of corruption is what the Clintons thrive on and try to reproduce–with considerable success, to be fair–in the United States. And it isn’t just Hillary. Bernie Sanders, who has aroused more enthusiasm than any other Democratic presidential candidate in the current cycle, is an avowed socialist. Think about that: he wants to make America like Venezuela, a country where grocery stores have no food to sell, riots break out everywhere, and toilet paper is a precious commodity on the rare occasions where it exists at all. If this is the future you want–while, of course, the politically connected become billionaires–the Democratic Party is for you.

Back when Occupy Wall Street was a thing (and flash in the pan), I had the discussions about Crony Capitalism with a number of them – on the point that Crony Capitalism is one of the evils confronting our Republic.  Their solution was to increase the size of Government so as to better regulate capitalism.  Right.

All that does is to make the formerly private sector just another arm of Government.  Becoming part of Government, which is run on and by politics, only continues the march of politics through everything – making the universe for the abuse of politics (as seen in Socialism) larger and deeper.  The OWSers couldn’t see my counter-argument that be decreasing the nooks or crannies in which “dark cronies” could gather is a better solution.  They constitutionally (pun intended) were unable to understand that the solution they craved could only come when Government is smaller and presented less opportunity for the backroom deals.

Venezuela was all about Socialism and that means top-down command economies.  I have never heard a reasonable explanation from Socialists for the failures of last century and those this century.  I just don’t understand why the Bernies and Hillaries think that they have the Smarts to decide sufficiently well for 320 Million Americans – and it seems their followers don’t get that either.

But as John points out, while the control of others is important, the corruption may be the light for the moths that are the Clintons.  Look at the continuing drip-drip-drip of the Clinton’s Foundation every smelly rotten deal.  Corruption is as corruption does.

And Socialism makes it easier.  And you get the income inequality that you see in Venezuela’s Elite.