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Christmas Eve Dinner: An Interesting Discussion with Democrats about Clinton


Believe it or not I don’t ever bring up politics over holiday dinners. It’s one of the few times I get to escape politics and I enjoy it. My hubby and brothers-in-law; however, don’t feel the same way.Over Christmas Eve dinner my husband started talking about politics and I quickly put the kibosh on it.

Before I was done, my father-in-law, a lifelong Democrat from Massachusetts, decided to add his 2 cents. And boy did he. He wondered why in the hell Hillary Clinton isn’t in prison rather than running for President.

He said that any of us sitting at the table would be in prison for the things she has done but she isn’t. How is that right?

I was a bit surprised at the outburst and my Mom-in-law agreed. These are JFK Democrats in their 70s who have blindly supported Democrats until 2012 (yes I had a bit of influence on THAT).

The weirdest part was they talked about Sanders and Trump as the alternative. KILL ME NOW.

This is when I had to inform them that Sanders was nothing but an old hippie socialist and that Trump was a left winger.

The point is that they are against Hillary, the Democrat Party’s choice, but are for the ‘populist’ candidates.

And before any Trumpsters get on me, let’s face reality, his stances on issues are hardly conservative and hardly small government. If you believe they are, I have bridge to sell you in Brooklyn for cheap money.

I always find it fascinating to hear from people who listen to main stream media and who aren’t on line researching news. It’s interesting to understand how ‘regular people’ think.

The fact that these lifelong Democrats find Hillary Clinton as abhorrent as I do is telling because they lived through her hideous behavior over many years.

I often talk to young female Democrats and let them know about Clinton’s disgusting behavior and frankly, these young women are appalled.

It’s unclear why ANY Democrat would actually support Hillary Clinton but they do. I’m discovering that it’s not your actual Democrat voters who do but the party political hacks.

Why? Because no one in their right mind would support such a deplorable human being as Hillary Clinton unless you absolutely hate yourself or have political aspirations that you believe she can help you with. Which completely explains the New Hampshire Democrat Party.