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Yo-Yos Blamed for Drought

Obama yo yo

In January, 1933 Syria’s ‘Moslem Chiefs’ consulted with the Prime minister regarding a sever drought. No rain and cold weather were taking a devastating effect on the cattle and the people of Syria. The solution? Ban yo-yos.

Yo-Yos Blamed for Drought

“Moslem Chiefs at Damascus have attributed the wrath of the heavens to the recent introduction of yo-yo.”

History does repeat itself, this time with the introduction of yo-yos to Washington DC.

|Real Climate Science.com

Reminder: The same people who predicted an ice free summer-arctic by 2013 (the arctic has added hundreds of miles of summer ice just since 2012) also predicted  Manhattan “under water” by 2018. Don’t worry. The “change” in climate change has nothing to do with the weather. It’s about the narrative. Any day now the climate Inquisitors will declare “more arctic sea ice is a sign of man’s unnatural influence on the planet.”

My suggested response?  Offer them a Dry Manhattan.