Elaine Andrews Ahern’s Huge Problem Is The NHDP’s Problem

The Democrat bench in New Hampshire is having a rough year. Three New Hampshire House special elections. Three humiliating defeats. The last two losses to young Republicans, both under the age of twenty, both running on smaller, less intrusive government and tax relief for business owners–the latter a key component of the Republican State budget declared irresponsible by Democrat Governor Maggie Hassan in her veto.

All three Special election Democrat losers are established progressives, Carol Croteau, Maureen Mann, and Elaine Andrews-Ahern. They are the Marxists singing the song of socialist wealth redistribution, wage-politics, and anti-free-market rhetoric.

Two of the Marxettes have been elected in local House races in the past. The third, Carol Croteau, is a well known political figure in Kingston, and a darling of the NEA-NH, having–according to her Facebook page–bestowed upon her the NEA-NH’s Champion of Human & Civil Rights Award Freedman Award for Activism and Advocacy. She is the very sort of dim-bulb social justice beacon to which the cultural-cloth eating moths on the left are drawn.

But to no avail.

Not a one of them could manage to turn out enough Democrats in any of these districts to win what are traditionally extremely low turn-out events tailor-made for the activist ground game of the professional left. So what’s the problem?

Is it money?

Well, the NHGOP has been uncharacteristically supportive of its special election house candidates this year. It spent $1800.00 on Dennis Green in his victory over Carol Croteau. The race between Maureen Mann and Yvonne Dean-Bailey went into overdrive after Mann’s social media (out of state-in trouble with the law-since arrested for voter suppression) activist Carl Gibson pretended to be Dean-Bailey dropping out of the race. Mann spent over $7468.00, a princely sum for such a contest. Dean-Bailey spent $4700.00 but got $4500.00 in backup from the NHGOP and another $1000.00 in issue advocacy support.

As for the Tilton-Ahern race, the final reports are not filed. What we have shows Ahern spending $640.00 to Tilton’s $1400.00. Ahern’s allies engaged in an extensive smear campaign against Tilton on social media. Tilton apologized where necessary for any youthful indiscretions and in the end got nearly 67% of the vote.

But why? The left exercised its political playbook, same as always. It used proxies to disenchant the opponents base. Smeared Republicans as bought by business interests and out-of-state-money. And it stuck to its guns on wage inequality…and it lost.

In all three races the Democrats failed to motivate their base to show up in adequate numbers to win, and could not suppress the opposition. And it might just be because the mask has slipped a bit too far to the left to reveal more and more of what they are about.

In short, NH Democrats have a Hillary problem. The allure of the Clinton aristocracy has been riddled by years of scandals and obvious incompetence. The camping launch was a disaster, demonstrating that Hillary and her defenders are not about people, or wages, or genders, or races–except to milk those plantations for votes.  They are about control, to limit access, not just to our own lives–which they insist they are better qualified to run–but by the people insisting on running them.

I know, she’s not a lock, but much of the Democrat power structure in New Hampshire is wedded to the Clinton dynasty which ties their leadership and party to the corrupt, lying, incompetent, elitist, self-indulgent Clinton vapor trail. All faults and perceptions exacerbated by the words of the latest NH Democrat loser, Elaine Andrews Ahern, who accurately summed up her parties disdain for the people they mean to rule represent.

“I think people are so unbelievably unsophisticated,” Andrews-Ahearn said. “They do not pay attention to the elections, they do not know who they are voting for and they do not vote. We refer to this problem as ‘low information voters,’ and it’s a huge problem in the state of New Hampshire.”

Vote for me or you are a dumb-ass.

And if you are too stupid to know not just who you are electing, but by extension who knows what is best for you, you are too dumb to be allowed to speak.

This encapsulated worldview of the electorate translates to their entire policy spectrum; if you disagree with them you are a dumb-ass, and for good measure, to make sure your dumb ass message doesn’t get traction, they’ll enact policies to shut you up. A Media lynching is not out of the question. You might even find the IRS knocking on your door.

You are just too dumb to run your own lives and apparently too dumb to know who is smart enough to do it for you. Just ask the Lady Elaine.

Left-wing elitist and former NH House Rep Elaine Andrews-Ahern just lost to a young, pro-free-market, small-government Republican opponent who almost pulled 67% of the vote in a district on the seacoast. That district didn’t just reject the Democrat message, they flocked to the pro-small business, free market, less-interference message.

They chose liberty, smaller government, and lower taxes on small business. They chose job creators and innovation over institutionalized crony-capitalism leveraged by left-wingers wielding a 12th century vision of politics, who can’t stand you, your freedoms, or your free will.

It is just one seat, but in a string of three recent and successive defeats over four months. (Four defeats if you count an Alderman’s race in Nashua the Democrats could have won but lost.) That’s a huge problem for the party of Marx if it catches on. They can’t run your lives unless you let them. They can’t prevent the vote, or buy it, and diluting it with out of state activists isn’t reliable.

If this keeps up we could end 2016 with a Republican Governor, something we’ve not had for far too long.

Who knows how much left-wing damage we could undo with one of those.