Portsmouth Drops Plastic ‘Bag Ban’ For Now

by Steve MacDonald

We’ll probably talk about this today on GrokTALK! so as a primer, the city lawyer indicates that, …

While we maintain that the city might have the authority to adopt the plastic bag ordinance under the purview of solid waste regulation, without a clear source of enabling legislation, we are inclined to conclude that it is more likely the city does not have that authority,” NHMA attorneys Stephen Buckley and Margaret Byrnes wrote in response to Sullivan’s specific question.

But they’d like the authority.

To get that you should know that the money and energy behind this ban comes from, …

the Surfrider Foundation,a multi-million dollar international environmental non-profitThe New Hampshire chapter of RAP was formed in 2014, presumably to community organize a bag ban.

Surfrider is expected to begin lobbying the legislature.

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  • Solid waste regulation?
    Let’s chat about “disposable” diapers and “disposable” water canteens.
    Let’s chat about the astonishing amount of “second rate” crap from
    the intended partners in upcoming trade agreement “progress”, in the piles at transfer stations.
    Ask you local Automotive Inspection Stations about “State mandated” printers for the “system”. Just give ’em a call on your “latest” smart phone!
    Dare we chat about CFLs, or mobile device “charger” plugs?

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