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Christina Freundlich – Self Centered Selfie Snapper

selfies30n-3-webJust when you think you have seen the lowest form of selfie-mania there comes a snapping sound from New York City and the horrible fire they had last week. Some of America ’s young, smart set were caught taking selfies of themselves celebrating the demise of other people’s homes.

Oh, the locals were some happy with the smiling faces in front of the burning buildings posted on socialist media. The New York Post put some of the selfie takers up for ridicule on their own pages.

And then I heard the name of one of the self absorbed disaster posers. It was Christina Freundlich of the Iowa Democrat Party.

That name rings a bell.

If you remember the Nashua , NH vote thief, Janice Rottenberg, who was campaigning for Obama in 2012 from the home of State Rep. Cindy Rosenwald then you know we outed Rottenberg and tracked her voting registration in various states.

In that effort we noticed a Christina Freundlich had moved to Iowa to work with Rottenberg. Freundlich had been working in North Carolina with previous ties to Vermont.  Our contacts in N.C asked us if we could check on her Vt. registration, if there was one.

Also moving to Iowa from NH was one Sam Lau. (Sam Lau worked in N.C in the same time frame as NH vote thief Caitlin Ann Legacki.)

If you check Christina Freundlich’s LinkedIn page it shows she just left (working with) the Iowa Democrat Party recently – as has Janice Rottenberg.

That makes me wonder about the selfie with seven, as yet unidentified, young ladies of the same age, uniform clothing and hair style, who took a smiling selfie as a group.

That's a voter registration form right there
That’s a voter registration form right there

It would not surprise me to find that these gypsy Obama campaign workers were traveling together in New York where Hillary Clinton will be gathering campaign

Here’s more on these people from a past article.

Now, with 2016 just around the corner, The Coalition of NH Taxpayers has a file full of interstate voters from past campaigns to keep track of. And we know where the perennial vote fraud nests and motels are here in he state.

If you live in New York City and want to identify who these disgusting selfie-takers are through Twitter and Facebook, which I refuse to use, then the information above should be a good start.

Remember to contact the opposing campaign of the next candidate they work for if you want some “Street Justice.”