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This Week on “Real Police Chiefs Of New Hampshire!”

NHAOCOPThe head of the NH Chiefs of Police is concerned that if we allow constitutional carry minors could be permitted to carry concealed firearms.  I think we’re all concerned about that as are the sponsors of SB 116 but New Hampshire State law prohibits this and the new bill does not, to my knowledge, attempt changes to that.

But the chiefs chief is also on the record suggesting that (without regard to that law) minors have already been given permits by police departments in New Hampshire to carry concealed.  I’m hoping he misspoke, but either way,  are there any chiefs who would like to rebut the following?

c/o Susan Olsen on Facebook

At 1:48:56, in the video posted by Adventures in the Free State of last Thursday’s Senate hearing on SB 116  (video below), Tuftonboro Chief of Police and President of the NH Association of Chiefs of Police Andrew Shagoury states that “…it has happened…minors have been issued them…”, the “them” – I can only presume – referring to Pistol/Revolver Licenses.

If that is a true statement, and I am loathe the accuse the Chief of lying, only a local law enforcement officer could have issued such a Pistol/Revolve License.

I would be very curious to know the circumstances of such issuances….perhaps a right to know request is in order….

Has the chief’s chief issued a correction or clarification to the committee regarding this testimony or does he stand by it?

If he stands by it shouldn’t the NH AG be investigating such claims?

The hair-trigger outrage the self-proclaimed anti-violence-anti-gun left is unmoved by such an implication? Where is the sturm und drang, the letters to the editor, the party press releases or the poignant podium performances complete with a pile of pasty-white petitions? Are they silent because the chief was testifying from the same side of the issue or have the Stalin-esque-gun-policy Democrats simply not had time to comb through any and all testimony for SB 116?

Has the rabid pursuit of political fire-bombs to throw at ideological opponents caused them to fast-forward past Chief Shagoury’s remarkable remarks?

And, of course, we have yet to hear from anyone in law enforcement correcting Chief Shagoury or providing clarity for the public record.  Perhaps they have yet to be made aware of the remarks as well?

Should our readers be sending local law enforcement copies of the testimony and asking their own chiefs about these remarks compared to current law and specifically to the implication that minors were given permit to carry concealed?


Here is the state statute on minors and pistols or revolvers.

c/o JR Hoell

Section 159:12
159:12 Sale to Minors. –
I. Any person who shall sell, barter, hire, lend or give to any minor any pistol or revolver shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.
II. This section shall not apply to:
(a) Fathers, mothers, grandparents, guardians, administrators or executors who give a revolver to their children or wards or to heirs to an estate.
(b) Individuals instructing minors in the safe use of firearms during a supervised firearms training program, provided the minor’s parent or legal guardian has granted the minor permission to participate in such program.
(c) Licensed hunters accompanying a minor while lawfully taking wildlife.
(d) Individuals supervising minors using firearms during a lawful shooting event or activity.

Source. 1923, 118:7. PL 149:12. RL 179:12. RSA 159:12. 1973, 528:87. 2006, 73:2, eff. April 28, 2006.”


And here is all 4 1/2 hours of testimony.  The chief can be heard at at 1:48:56 (c/o Susan Olsen – via Facebook)

H/T Susan Olsen, JR Hoell, Biker Bill