RINOs Seek “Easy Button” From NH Speakers Race

by Steve MacDonald

not so easyGene Chandler says he’ll bring unity–Skip just reminded us yesterday right here.

Chandler said he’d be Mr. Unity in the same article in which the sour cream of our RINO crop endorsed Mr. “Anyone with an ‘R’ is a good Republican” Chandler.  So I assume the unity of such ‘any old ‘R’ Republicans is a part of that scheme?

Well, I have a question.  If Mr. O’Brien is chosen by the caucus for the job as Speaker of the NH House, that is to say a majority of elected Republicans prefer O’Brien, is the unity deal off?   Will Mr. Chandler be unifying the not as Republican Republicans in the NH House who didn’t vote for O’Brien if Chandler is not in the top spot?

Better yet, will this unifying force apply to Senator Ayotte, Governor’s Merrill and Sununu, Rep Charlie Bass, and former House Speakers Scamman and Sytek, who have endorsed the self-expressed unifying power of Mr. Chandler?

Is there any good reason why it would not?

An O’Brien legislative agenda will do nothing more bold than hew to the US and NH Constitution’s and the principles in the NHGOP Party platform.  He will attempt to advance,  implement, and defend what Republicans claim to believe for the purpose of getting elected to public office.  It is unity behind the platform.

To RINO’s like Fergus Cullen, this is a disaster.

“He’s a disaster in terms of public relations,” said Fergus Cullen, a former chairman of the Republican State Committee. He called O’Brien “polarizing” and a “liability” for the GOP to continue its gains in 2016.

If advancing, implementing, (Legislating), and defending the principles of the NH and US Constitutions, and the Republican party platform, are a public relations disaster, polarizing, and a liability, then you sir are in the wrong frikkin’ party.

I’ve said this a few times but I will say it again.  If spineless ass-hat, progressive, capitulating cowards like Fergus “I gave away the store as party chairman” Cullen spent half as much energy defending Republicans who legislate and defend the US and NH Constitution’s and the principles in the NHGOP Party platform (and the other half with their mouths shut), this state would be in much better shape.  But at the first sign of resistance from the left instead of picking up a rhetorical weapon and running toward the rhetorical gun fire, they’ve turned tail and run to hide until the smoke clears, content to sign any surrender agreement the left has to offer.

I guess that means that Candler is just easier?  If Gene is the speaker, Cullen and company wont have to ‘work’ as hard pretending they even care about their own Republican principles or constitutions designed, frankly, to protect us from people like them and those to whom they so often surrender.


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