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As to the Death of the TEA Party meme

Gadsden FlagFor as long as I’ve been part of the TEA Party movement (“Fiscal Frugality, Govt staying within Constitutional bounds, Free Markets” are the 3 TEA Party principles.  Period), it has undergone demonization by the Democrats at full roar.  THIS election cycle, we saw the Establishment Republicans (Mitch McConnell: “We will crush them!”) join them.  Thus, one WOULD have expected smiles all around between the Dems “Big Government” and the Establishment “Slightly lesser Big Govt” Rs – “Mission Accomplished”!

Uh-huh!  Sorry to explode that bubble, dudes and dudettes: More TEA Party folks in Congress, not less

11 to Watch: Meet the New Crop of Tea Party Conservatives in Congress

The incoming wave of Republicans who will shake up Washington’s political landscape includes some tea party candidates who promise to promote an agenda based on conservative principles such as limited government, traditional American values and a strong national defense. For those who’d like to get to know these fresh faces, The Daily Signal created a roundup of the newest tea party favorites in the House and Senate.

Read them and weep – the TEA Party is not dead as you can’t kill ideas.  As Glen Reynolds keeps saying: “ If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine”.  In the Senate, they listed:

  • Ben Sasse, Nebraska
  • Tom Cotton, Arkansas

In the House:

  • Barry Loudermilk, Georgia
  • John Ratcliffe, Texas
  • David Brat, Virginia (who took out Establishment #3 in the House leadership, Eric Cantor)
  • Alex Mooney, West Virginia
  • Gary Palmer, Alabama
  • Jody Hice, Georgia
  • Glenn Grothman, Wisconsin
  • Ken Buck, Colorado
  • Tom Emmer, Minnesota

At the link there is more info on their backgrounds.  Remember, these TEA Party folks replaced other politicians.  The voters said “These are the Principles that are ours – here is our Expensive Vote”.  They refused to compromise (still listening, Eric Cantor?).

Oh yeah – the ‘Grok got a nice mention at World Net Daily on this theme, too.

(H/T: Daily Signal)