Angry Annie Kuster – You Don’t Know What’s Best But I Do.

by Steve MacDonald

You might not have thought it possible but Ann Kuster (one of the strongest supporters of Obama in Congress) was even MORE combative, and rude in the final debate than she was in the previous one.   This is an interesting tack from someone who has otherwise been invisible to New Hampshire’s equivalent of Joe and Jane 6-pack voter–and almost everyone else who is not a registered Democrat.

Perhaps Kuster is banking on very few people actually watching a debate?

Or perhaps she believes people will respond better if they understand that she thinks she just knows better than they do?

H/T to Mike Rogers for this…

During the WMUR NH CD2 debate on Tuesday Oct 28th 2014, Annie McKluster was challenged as to how she reconciled her position in favor of Obamacare when most of her constituents opposed it.

When Josh McElveen reiterated the question for the THIRD time, McKluster said of the constituents “No, they don’t” (know better)!!

I guess she’s a lot more like Obama than we realized.  He doesn’t seem capable of grasping why we’d disagree with him either.

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