Is Terie Norelli Doing Her Impression of Harry Reid?

by Steve MacDonald

Free speech under assault againIn the second segment of yesterday’s GrokTALK!, Matt Murphy from Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire was opining on the mysteries of SB120, the NH Incumbent protection Act.  SB120 would skew speech rights in favor of politicians (just search SB120 on the Grok for ample details if you are unfamiliar).  He was wondering why the bill had not gone to the Governor’s desk.  Why was it still sitting in NH Democrat House Speaker Terie Norelli’s Office.

I know why, and had I remembered I’d have suggested it at the time.

The Democrat Governor’s Association, of which Maggie Hassan is the Vice-something or other, is in the midst of a lawsuit with the State of Connecticut over the finance restrictions placed on it by a bill not dissimilar to SB120.  Susan wrote about it here just a few weeks back.

If Norelli sends SB120 to the Governor’s Desk, Democrat Maggie Hassan would have to either let it become law. which might then require her to stand with the DGA on a suit against herself over a state law restricting what the DGA wants to do….or veto it.

Can you imagine?

One of Maggie Hassan’s missions as a New Hampshire State Senator was to completely screw up free speech in New Hampshire by micro-mangaging finance restrictions related to political speech.  It may even be on her bucket list.  So to have it handed to her BY NH STATE SENATE REPUBLICANS, and then have to veto, as governor, the very sort of speech restricting legislation for which she has been pining…(wow).

If SB120 really is siting on her desk then Terie Norelli is doing her impression of Harry Reid.

She is protecting Hassan from the conflict the DGA and by extension Maggie Hassan, are wrestling with in Connecticut.  A Conflict she’d probably have to bring to New Hampshire if she lets SB 120 become law or made that awkward leap and signed it?

But didn’t the people’s legislators  make it known that this is the kind of legislation (as ignorant and ridiculous as it may be) they want enacted into law?   Where does Norelli get off acting like a tyrant by keeping the will of the people from the pen of the governor (or her desk, where it would just become law in a matter of days if Hassan fails to act on it)?

Exit Question: What if the DGA suit ties up NH SB120 until after January of next year and the Democrats lose the Governorship (and/or the NH House) this November?  If Hassan loses does Norelli hand deliver it for her signature before January because it will no longer matter?  Better to just make it law and then use its likely repeal by Republicans as a talking point?  That kind of sucks all morality out of it right?  They were doing this for the people.  For clean elections.  To put an end to outside influence, or something.

Nope.  Turns out it’s just politics as usual.  The higher purpose was to limit interference from the unconnected masses, you know, those “little people.”

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