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So now we know what Walt Havenstein thinks of the TEA Party and 9/12 Project

Article bumped because WMUR’s video, posted by James Pindell**, has been taken down, and we have inserted a slice of the original video, PUBLISHED on iTunesU by Smith College. (Jump to 6 Minutes, 7 Seconds)

Apparently Papa Smurf’s pick for Governor, Walt Havenstein, isn’t too bright (or, as most think, just another Establishment pick).  A video has surfaced where he called Tea Partiers ‘teabaggers’ a few years ago.  There is no excuse.  You can tell from the audience’s reaction that they knew full well what that term means.  If you don’t know what it means, feel free to google it.

Once again we are shown that the GOP has no idea what they are doing and continues to pick candidates who are the antithesis of ‘Live Free or Die’ New Hampshire.  Between Brown, Little and a slew of others they need to be shown the door and make no mistake, Sununu aka Papa Smurf, the self-proclaimed ‘Godfather’ of the NH GOP, must have his ring kissed before these establishment candidates get the ‘okay’.  It’s time ‘we, the people’ take back state politics so we can finally get legislators who represent the interests of US and not some jackwagon who is on a power trip.

The Smirk
The Smirk
He doesn’t know what he’s saying, he remarks?  Really?  Dig the smirk at the very tail end of the video.  Watch his body language.  He knows EXACTLY what he has said – and takes quite the delight in doing so.

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** Pindell published an article on July 3rd, along with a 17 second clip of the TEA-Bagger comment, suggesting that such offhand remarks could cause a problem with the party’s base, which he would badly need in order to win. You can see that the original video has been taken down, either by WMUR, or by YouTube as “violating their terms of service”.

In the clip displayed above, we are very careful to attribute the source – UMD’s Smitth School of Business (Smith College), and to reference the full, boring, 71 minute video at iTunesU.