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Jeanne Shaheen Spends Over 20 Trillion in Six Years – Needs More Or Else!

Tax Money down the toilet for DoD green energy awardsJeanne Shaheen and more than half a decade of Democrat majority Government have spent more than 20 trillion dollars on that government.  We’ve had plenty of advertised stimulus, some of it sold as specific to the very thing that now motivates the US Senate to ask for a raise in the Federal gas tax.

Failure to keep pace with inflation over the past 20 years, along with steadily increasing fuel economy, has caused the Federal Highway Trust Fund that receives the money to sink to a dangerous level.

Failure, yes.  I’d agree that there has been plenty of failure.  Where the government is concerned failure is always an option.

The government has a strong hold on how much oil and gas we can extract.  That affects the cost of gas, which affects how much of it we use, which affects how much tax the government can collect on gasoline taxes it has already imposed.

Instead of increasing the tax why not try this instead.  Open up access to drilling.  The government has failed to tap an essential natural resource that represents a significant drag on family budgets and the cost of doing business in this country.  If we allow the US to become the biggest producer of oil and gas in the world, we can solve a lot of problems without any new taxes.   Government, and Democrats in government, need to simply get out of the way.

An expanding energy economy will create jobs paid for by oil companies instead of taxpayers.  It will generate commerce.  It will create increased tax revenue from those jobs and that commerce.  (It will reduce taxpayer funded entitlement costs ).   It will  bring down the cost of a gallon of gas (and of heating oil and other energy costs, freeing up those dollars for…more jobs and more commerce it will lower gas prices which will increases demand, as people travel to spend the money they are now earning or saving, which will increase gas tax revenue to states and federal highway funds.

Nope.  Can’t do that.  Instead, we get a proposal that will shrink the pie, depress the economy further, and when the government can no longer lie about inflation, and has to let loose monetary policy, allowing reported inflation to rise toward reality….the gas tax will rise with it by design and drain even more money from a failing economy and stuggling families and small businesses.

Shaheen and the Democrats have spent over 20 trillion in just six years, nearly doubling the deficit from almost 10 trillion to nearly 18 trillion.  And with a straight face, you, Senator Shaheen, can stand before the people you’ve been milking dry and claim you need more becasue you have no money for roads and bridges?

I’d be embarrased to have to admit to that degree of incometence.