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Jeanne Shaheen – Fund Bureaucrats Before Bridges

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Bureaucrats before bridges

The Democrats in the US Senate, with the help of 15 Republicans shot down a transportation reform amendment that would have…

…devolve(d) the federal highway program to the states, allowing them to keep the vast majority of their gas tax revenues and to make their own transportation infrastructure decisions.

No one who truly believes in limited government would oppose this amendment.

I’d add “anyone with a belief in the benefits of local government and local control” as well.

So of course, Senator Jeanne Shaheen opposed it.

“Under this new system, Americans would no longer have to send significant gas tax revenue to Washington, where politicians, bureaucrats, and lobbyists take their cut before sending it back with strings attached,” Lee said.

It would give states the flexibility to build more roads, bridges, and mass-transit systems at a significantly lower cost.

Senator Jeanne Shaheen voted against local control of highway funds for the Granite State.  This means that she also opposed our ability to prioritize and address local needs with local control and local money.

How is it Senator, that you believe  bureaucrats in Washington DC are a better investment for our transportation tax dollars than local bridges?

What, our bureaucrats aren’t good enough for you, not enough influence?

Unions benefit from federal transportation contract rules so are you padding the Democrat loving union coffers instead of leaving us those extra dollars to update red-listed bridges?

Or are you just ensuring that as long as you are our Senator, you can continue to claim credit for getting back a fraction of the money that never should have left New Hampshire in the first place?

That isn’t representing the interests of New Hampshire’s citizens, Senator, that is representing the interests of DC power brokers and someone named Jeanne Shaheen.

I can’t say it often enough.  We need to elect Senators and congress-people who are less interested in taking credit for getting some fraction of our money back and more interested in making sure it never leaves New Hampshire in the first place.

We send them to DC to ensure that we, as a state, have the most opportunity to decide our own destiny, be it roads and bridges, health care, education, property rights, or the defense of our natural rights.  But Democrats go to DC to do exactly the opposite.  They consistently vote to bring more money through DC, to make more decisions in the US capitol, and to keep our tax dollar running through that offshore-bankrupt District of Columbia instead of in Concord or your home town.

This vote is just one more example of who Democrats like Jeanne Shaheen really represent; lobbyists, politicians, and bureaucrats.  Preferably, as far away from us as possible.

Note: Senator Ayotte did vote for the amendment to return gas tax highway funding dollars back to New Hampshire.

S.Amdt. 3584 to H.R. 5021 (Highway and Transportation Funding Act of 2014)