Karen Testerman Bows Out – Endorses Bob Smith for US Senate

by Steve MacDonald

Breaking News – Karen Testerman Bows Out – Endorses Bob Smith for US Senate in New Hampshire

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It is time for all of us to put aside pride and focus on our greater GOAL, that of fighting for Family, Faith and Freedom.  I will not force our principle-driven primary voters to make a self-defeating choice.  After much prayer and consultation, I will step aside to allow Senator Bob Smith to be the ONLY conservative name on the primary ballot.

Senator Smith has a well-earned reputation of standing firm for our conservative beliefs and values and for fighting Washington to stop their overreach. Bob Smith was TEA Party before it had a name.

WE can make a difference.   Will you to continue the fight for our principles, our values and our nation? It is going to take ALL of OUR active participation and our financial support to accomplish this mission.  Let us give it our all as we act like it is all up to us AND know and believe that God will honor us as we honor Him with our actions.

Let us UNITE as one band of supporters behind Senator Bob Smith as he files to become THE conservative Republican nominee for US Senate in 2014.

Smith Testerman

Senator Bob Smith at NH Sec. of State’s office, as Karen Testerman endorses him for US Senate.      Image Credit – Bill Wynne


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