Gilford, NH Parent Arrested At School Board Meeting (Video)

A Gilford, NH Parent was arrested at a school board meeting while objecting to the inclusion of sexually explicit material in the classroom.  Sorry, I mean for violating the “2 minute speaking rule.”   As I understand it, parents/taxpayers/residents are typically afforded more time to speak so this seems to have been a new policy, created for this meeting, to limit parents time to express their outrage over the inclusion of sexually explicit material in the school curriculum.

Clever school board.  Seek no input when you add the offensive material.  Others are deemed to have committed an offense when they come to you to complain about how you do your job.

Per request here is a link to an image of one page scanned from the book, whose sexually excplict content parents find objectionable.

Oh, look.  Video!

Video c/o Josh Youssef