Gilford, NH Parent Arrested At School Board Meeting (Video)

by Steve MacDonald

A Gilford, NH Parent was arrested at a school board meeting while objecting to the inclusion of sexually explicit material in the classroom.  Sorry, I mean for violating the “2 minute speaking rule.”   As I understand it, parents/taxpayers/residents are typically afforded more time to speak so this seems to have been a new policy, created for this meeting, to limit parents time to express their outrage over the inclusion of sexually explicit material in the school curriculum.

Clever school board.  Seek no input when you add the offensive material.  Others are deemed to have committed an offense when they come to you to complain about how you do your job.

Per request here is a link to an image of one page scanned from the book, whose sexually excplict content parents find objectionable.

Oh, look.  Video!

Video c/o Josh Youssef

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  • mer

    What the hell is the charge? Violation of the 2 minute rule that was put in by double secret vote and ignorance of the law is no excuse?


    OK, so the book in question, “Nineteen Minutes” by New Hampshire’s own Jodi Picoult(OK so she was born in NY but moved to NH at age 16) is actually about a school shooting. You know, like the kind we’ve been having way too many of lately. Perhaps THAT’S REALLY why the Tea-Party/Free-State/Libertarians want to ban this book. That being said, I don’t know a single English teacher at my school – or any other English teacher I’ve ever known(or ANY OTHER TEACHER FOR THAT MATTER) who would have their students read a book like this without first sending a note home to parents explaining what the book was about and asking for their signature to allow their son/daughter to read it. Whoever tried to add this to their curriculum without the appropriate parental consent is an idiot who’s just asking for trouble, or a lawsuit, or some other inconvenience which would only end up costing the taxpayers more of their money. You don’t ask kids to read stuff like this without getting consent first.

  • balencesto

    Asked my English teacher wife about this . . . some of her comments . . . 1) “Why teach that book? It’s really not that good.” 2) “I wonder what the course learning targets for the course are?” 3) It’s a pop novel – it’s not literature.” 4) “I might teach it in a Senior elective class – but it’s not a book for 9th graders.”

    • Radical Moderate

      The reason why they chose this book and similar ones just like it to be part of the curriculum was to elicit the exact response that you just saw in the video above.
      You do understand that this is about challenging traditional America, right bal? The whole objective is to poke their boney finger into the chest of parents in order to get them to react.


    One final thought. Thought I think the book is not appropriate for the age group that was apparently required to read it, I’m struck by two things: One is the fact that here you have a book in which are two very different scenes; one scene depicting a biological act which is natural and programmed into every human’s DNA – the other which is a heinous act of unnecessary violence and destruction. And it’s the FORMER that people are up in arms about – not the latter. The second is simply, WHAT AN ASSHOLE THAT GUY WAS! I mean, he acts all tough when he’s speaking in front of the board but as soon as the cop gets ahold of him he’s all, “owweee, watch my arm, i got a pinched nerve, you’re hurting me, STTOOOOPPPPP!!!!!!” Gimme a break. And what’s with his little “entourage?” Are they his kids. What’s with the kid asking “what’s the acceptable distance officer? please tell me because I’m moving here. Gee I wonder if they’re hurting the Doctor . . . ” It’s like this guy said, “C’mon kids, let’s go watch daddy be a douchebag! I know – bring the camera a long son, it’ll make for some great home movies!” ROTFLMAO!!!!

    • AnAmerican

      Well, thanks to new Obama legislation, your above posting is now illegal and can land you in jail for slander/bullying and hurting a persons feeling. Great job “teacher”. We’ll see how you act when they handcuff you and put you in prison for using what used to be your first ammendment……

      • balencesto

        Come and get me . . .

  • Radical Moderate

    Rule #1 Never try and posture on the enemy’s territory. I hope everyone here realizes that these school board administrators go through training sponsored by the NEA for this type of situation. They are trained to act exactly like this school administrator did. They successfully put this guy on the defensive by seeing he was emotional and used it to their advantage. Of course he was arrested. In a situation like this its predetermined at what point an arrest will be made. Did anyone in authority there bother to advise the participants that an arrest would be made for engaging in an unstructured debate or going out of time? I would bet not because there is no RSA for such a crime. They must have arrested him for disorderly conduct.
    This man should certainly see an attorney but its imperative that it not be one from New Hampshire. I would suggest he contacts Jay Sekulow at the American Center for Law and Justice.
    Bring in the national spotlight on all these school board members. These nothing like having reporters and huge satellite uplink trucks sitting in front of each of their houses.

  • Matt Wavle

    They should have put the person responsible for introducing perverted material to children in jail, not the dad who is calling them out on it.

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  • balencesto

    Nope – can’t stop. ONE LAST THING: Does anyone see the irony in Josh Youseff being the poster of this?!?!?!?! C’MON PEOPLE!!!!!

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  • Liberty

    If that passage from the book were made into a movie it would be x-rated. Indeed, what the English teacher/school/State of NH has done in assigning that reading material is criminal…. I am not a religious person, nor any kind of prude, yet I know what’s inappropriate for children, and 14-year-olds should not be “studying” that book. How tax-paying citizens can stand by and watch this parent get arrested without feeling outraged is beyond me. Shame, shame, shame on that school.

  • merkinmuffy

    Does anyone have have any idea why the school district is so hell-bent on teaching this book?

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