Twitter – We welcome Martha Fuller Clark as a follower!

NH Vote Fraud at Martha's Motel Martha Fuller Clark home to out of state vote stealersIt is always amusing to see who pops up to follow us on Twitter and now, NH State Senator Martha Fuller Clark (D) as become one of our latest followers – she of the home that we have designated to be a voter fraud nest due to her willingness to house Democrat operatives that come to NH for some short time to work on campaigns, vote, and skedaddle out of the State to the “next Democrat thing”.  There was also that little incident of plowing down a Senior Citizen, apparently with impunity.  In both issues, she has professed complete innocence  and has, we have agreed, received treatment that we ordinary schlubs would never have.  We theorize that it must be great to be a Very Important Person to be treated as such.

So well, proprietor of Martha’s Home for Wayward Democrat Voter Fraud Operatives, welcome!

Martha Fuller Clark2

by Skip

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