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Nashua Rep Suzanne Vail – “Preserving the NH State Constitution” is ‘A Priority’

NH ConstitutionSuzanne Vail,  Suzanne Mercier Vail, (another Democrat who is clinging to the past and just can’t seem to move “forward” without dragging a hyphenated name along for the ride) is a New Hampshire House Rep from Nashua.  Back on July 31, 2012, the Nashua Patch posted a Bio of the candidate that included this gem.

Priorities for Nashua and NH: Successful advocacy and leadership (for constituents), preservation of the NH State Constitution, promotion of jobs, improvement to infrastructure, access to healthcare, attraction to businesses, restoration of affordable high quality education.  Will work to respond to constituents and represent all in a dignified manner with in the spirit of teamwork.

Does watching the Federal government exclude your constituents from most of the hospitals in the state and all of the hospitals out-of-state fulfill her promise to improve access to healthcare? I don’t think it does.

Actually, I think we could make the case against almost every one of the items in that pull quote, but I’d like to focus on that bit I highlighted in red. Ms. Vail’s use of the word ‘preservation?  I don’t think it means the same thing to her as it might to say, her constituents.  So her application of it in this context is misleading.  It implies an adherence to foundational law.  A reverence to the lens through which all legislation is viewed.   But nothing in her rhetoric or voting history indicate that preservation means anything other than sealing the state constitution up in root cellar so the Democrat party can practice its pragmatic redesign of New Hampshire from the Live Free or Die State into the northern most county of the People’s Republic of Massachusetts.

Anyone who is serious about preserving the state constitution does not announce that Freedom has been maxed out in New Hampshire.

And rep Vail’s voting record is littered (dare I say trashed?) by votes that are contrary to the document whose preservation she claimed as a pre-election priority.  Her gun bill votes attest to this as much as the assault on our economy with taxes, Medicaid expansion, almost every vote.

It would not be out-of-bounds to suggest that she was intentionally deceptive to her constituents.  If the state constitution is a priority for Nashua and New Hampshire, when can we expect that to become a priority to rep Vail?  Or was she just lying because she thought it might help her get elected.

That must be what passes for leadership in the New Hampshire Democrat party.


H/T Kimberly Morin