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We Should Always Assume NH Governor Maggie Hassan Is Misleading Us?

Maggir Hassan happier with the lieKimberly Morin reports that governor Hassan continues to use the debunked lie that women only earn .77 cents to every dollar a man makes because… it fits Hassan’s false narrative.

This author was in attendance and asked the Governor why she continues to use the study that claims women earn .77 to a man’s $1.00 even though the study has been proven inaccurate by the Department of Labor. Her response was less than stellar.

Essentially Governor Hassan admitted she is choosing to use studies that push her false narrative that women don’t get paid equally as men.  Rather than use factual evidence that proves her study is inaccurate and incorrect, Hassan would rather choose bogus facts …”

What was it famed socialist Georges Sorel said about the Myth of Marxism being more important than the reality?

From Health Care, to Global Warming, to ‘Equal Pay,” it is more important for Democrats to mislead the ignorant to action (that advances the liberal government first agenda), based on myth, than to tell them the truth and allow them to act accordingly.

Hassan is organizing for action. She is agitating the movement, intentionally feeding her own constituents false information with the goal of getting them to respond to her dishonesty based on her perceived authority.

Well why not?

President Obama lies.  Senator Shaheen lies.  Maggie Louisville Slugger Hassan - Beat Republicans with a bat

Maggie ‘Louisville Slugger’ Hassan has never proven herself to be above partisan talking-points politics so these are footsteps that are easy for her to follow.  And follow them she will.

Governor Hassan has embraced Sorelian Socialism’s reliance on deception to get people to act the way she wants, or am I being too gracious?  Perhaps the Governor is not that clever.  She may just be another pragmatic progressive pulpit pounder preaching the state religion to the Democrat choir, hoping the press lets her get away with a truth gap on the matter of the myth of the wage gap.

Kimberly Morin didn’t let her get away with it.  She asked the question and got the Governor to show us who she really is.  A politician happy to rely on lies and misinformation to promote whatever policy she feels like advancing.

We should just assume that this could apply to any or all her pet political interests, and why wouldn’t it?