Pappas Isn’t The Only One Who Should Resign…

by Steve MacDonald

duck-tread Duck Gate David CampbellThe top story in the Southern New Hampshire edition of today’s Union Leader; Kimberly Hougton reports– Aldrman: Campbell should step down.

Alderman Ken Siegel, Ward 9, told the New Hampshire Union Leader on Thursday that Campbell, D-Nashua, should follow in his friend’s footsteps and resign in light of the recent duck scandal.

“His actions were not appropriate, and it goes beyond just the killing of the ducks,” Siegel said of Campbell. “This is not about the ducks anymore.”

I’ve been saying it for weeks, obsessing over it–if Telegraph scribbler Kevin Landrigan can be believed.

Question: “‘Why did the Democrat Legislator Cross the Road?”

Answer: “Because he had something to hide.”

Running over some ducks is unfortunate, but in the big scheme of things, it is no big deal, but as Alderman Siegel points out, “this goes way beyond the ducks.”

It went way beyond the ducks six weeks ago when David Campbell was told police were on route to file a report of which he was the significant player, and he responded to that information by running away, across the road, to his law office.


To paraphrase Democrat Rep Campbell, “it’s just some ducks.”

But if it’s just some ducks, why leave the scene?  Why call om Pappas?

Why does Pappas risk his tail to hide Campbell for what turned out to be 18 hours, if t’s just some ducks.  Why does Pappas wait two hours to call police after hiding Campbell– if it is just some ducks?  Why does Pappas ask the police if they need to speak to Campbell sooner (rather than later) when he also claims sooner was an impossibility because the secret lair where he left the Democrat House rep has no phone,… if it’s just some ducks?

Why hasn’t Campbell or Pappas told us where Campbell was for 18 hours on Christmas eve?   Why it took him that long to call the police–if it’s just some ducks?

Last minute Christams shopping?

Now, Pappas has resigned.  Why?  Because helping Campbell flee the scene (when it was just some ducks) presented less risk at the time thanwhat?

The manager at the Hotel, when speaking to the police,  referred to Campbell as someone who was drunk, who ran over some ducks.  But if Campbell was not drunk, why leave the scene, if it just some ducks?

How drunk do you have to be to hide from the police for 18 hours?   Over some ducks?

A few days ago, just before Pappas resigned, someone sent me some rules of conduct for Attorney’s who are also state officials, which I posted.  Those rules do not just apply to now former-commissioner Pappas.  They also apply to Democrat House Rep David Campbell.  The guy who hit some ducks, fled from police, and hid the better part of a day.

Can we surmise, given all the other deceptions, that Campbell probably made some calls during that 18 hour window; to either elected democrats or state party leadership, looking for some guidance?  What did they tell him and who were they?

No matter what you choose to believe, or are willing to infer, the events themselves, free from speculation, tell us something very important about New Hampshire Democrat House Rep. David Campbell’s character.  It also begs the questionWhat else is David Campbell hiding?  What else might he hide?  And who else might he involve to help him?

David Campbell hides things.  He hides the truth.  He is still hiding it, even now.  And that is why Alderman Siegel is correct in his request that Campbell resign from office.   Everyone assumes that politicians stretch the truth, at least a little, but avoiding the police, hiding from them, using powerful and well-connected friends to improve your odds of skating past something that you claim is just about some ducks….

It was never about the ducks.  It was always about the cover up.

It’s not just Duck-Gate.  It’s Duck and Run Gate. Waterfowl Gate.  It is obvious that Campbell has been in the corridors of political power for too long.  He cannot be trusted with that power.  Power he is willing to use to avoid responsibility for his actions.  And the people of Nashua should ask him to step down.

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