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Harrell Kirstein – Third World Missionary?

DemocratDonkeyA reader emailed me and asked an interesting question.  Why doesn’t New Hampshire Democrat Party Communications director Harrell Kirstein “live’ in New Hampshire?  I guess they couldn’t find a stick of evidence that he has a–what’s the word–“Presence!’ in the state unless you can count the Democrat Party Headquarters in Concord or all that crying he does to the local press.

Harrell’s domicile status is a very good question — because I couldn’t find any evidence either.

A few years ago (2011) I had some great fun pointing out just that.  According to party documents provided to the FEC,  Kirstein was getting his checks addressed to his parents $2.4 million home at 71 Brooks Bend in Princeton New Jersey.   That was where they were addressed.  Turns out his  paychecks still carry that same address in Jersey. (There are a lot of Merryll-Lynch connections in the Kirstein family tree, they must be handling it for him.)

He’s been on the NHDP payroll for four, five years now?  I guess he’s like all the other out-of-state hacks the NHDP brings in here.  Not really from here.

So Harrell must be a missionary from the enlightened, progressive utopia of Princeton, New Jersey, here to share his limousine-liberal progressive wisdom with the backwater savages in the Granite State.

Doesn’t own any property?  Pays no property taxes?  Has no traceable address or phone number in New Hampshire (unless the state party office counts.)  For all we know he’s just phoning it in.

But even if he is actually in the state once and a while, why is his internet footprint only pointing to New Jersey?  Can’t be bothered to change your mailing address?  Ready to take your leave at a moments notice?

That’s commitment, considering how hard you work to get the government to spend the money of people who actually do live in the state.

Did you at least get a drawer at the state party headquarters for your toothbrush?