GrokTALK - January 18th 2014 with Joe Kenney, Joseph D'Aleo, Ellen Kolb, and Mike Gill - Granite Grok

GrokTALK – January 18th 2014 with Joe Kenney, Joseph D’Aleo, Ellen Kolb, and Mike Gill

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Senator Joe Kenney  joins us to talk about his primary race for New Hampshire’s Executive Council, and about the importance transparency, consistency, and standing up for what you believe in.

Joe D’Aleo, The Cofounder of The Weather Channel talks weather and science, what really drives climate, problems with modeling, and what the traditional drivers of global temperature are currently telling us about our weather in the years to come. (Icecap /

Ellen Kolb, from Cornerstone Policy Research drops in to talk culture, Martin Luther King, Life and education, and NH House Bill 1502, and asks why Democrats are suddenly so afraid of trying to collect a few  statistics… about abortion. (See also Leaven for the

And Mike Gill, President of Mortgage Specialists shares his observations about New Hampshire’s legal system, FRM, the banking commission, and what he is doing about it. (

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