Jeanne Shaheen Lied

by Steve MacDonald

If you like your Senator, You can keep her.  If you don’t like her…


Sadly, that is not all Jeanne Shaheen has lied about.

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  • Van Mosher

    Mean Jeanne Shaheen has been a horrific Senator. Let see she voted for Obamacare, Shaheen voted for the Sequester. Sheheen voted tor the war in Syria. Shaheen voted for Harry Reid. Shaheen voted against Veterans’ pensions. We must vote out Mean Jeanne Shaheen in November of ’14.

  • Tim from Nashua

    The Margaret Sanger Award Winner stayed true to her cause: Abort The Babies Uber Alles! #War On Pre-Partum Babies

  • Bryan W

    Time to gear up! Can’t let her be reelected, and we can’t replace her with a RINO.

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