GrokTALK! 12-14-2013 With JR Hoell, Mike Ball, and Marilinda Garcia

by Steve MacDonald

GrokTALK! New Hampshire's Conservative PodcastThis week our guests are NH Republican House Rep and candidate for the New Hampshire second Congressional district, Marilinda Garcia; former NH House Rep and Manchester Republican Committee chair, and former New England Radio talk show host Mike Ball (from “Mike and Moe in the Morning” and The Big Show”); and NH House Legislator JR Hoell joins us to talk gun rights and the ‘Brown’ RINO.


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Keep Calm and Listen to GrokTALKWe begin with Skip, Mike, and Steve on George Lambert having to drop out of his persuit of the NH Governors race–and if Bill O’Brien or Andrew Hemingway might consinder stepping up, we also give a shout out to the poor bastard Democrat tracker who has to listen to our show every week, another shout out to Jim Rausch c/o Susan Olsen, we talk about being honest about your values and what you stand for, Democrats runing as Republicans, Democrats running as Libertarains, and we take a moment to thank Ann Kuster for getting Peter Sullivan off the hook and putting herself on it.

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JR HoellIn Segment Two JR Hoell is dialed in to discuss a desire to ensure that the ‘Brown’ RINO remains an extinct species in NH. Yes, we talk about Scott Brown, the NHGOP embrace, primaries, Senate candidates, gun-rights, and most importantly–the December 19th Rally to be held accross the street from the Scott Brown NHGOP fundraiser in Nashua next Thurday, organized by gun rights and fish and game groups from across the State.


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mike ballIn Segment Three former New Hampshire Radio talker Mike Ball from “Mike and Moe in the Morning” and The Big Show”joines us.  Mike, who also served as a Republican New Hampshire State Rep for Hillsborough District 9 and was Chairman of the Manchester Republican Committee for 2012,  calls in to talk about the weather (seriously), the High River Gun Grab, second amendment rights, Canadian Socialsists (he is living in Vancouver at the moment), Canada’s version of Barck Obama, and a lot )(and I do mean alot) more.

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Marilinda Garcia- Running for congress CD-2 NHClosing out the program we have Marilinda Garcia in Studio to talk about her enrtry into the Republican Primary to challenge Ann Kuster for the congressional seat in NH CD-2. We discuss states rights, the role of government, marijuana, ObamaCare, spending, and even the potential advantages of incrementalism. We also touch on the differing roles between state and federal legislators and a whole lot more.




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  • maccamcfc

    I am from the original Manchester in England and you lot are a disgrace.

    • nhsteve

      Is this Jason? If so, thanks for taking the time to be disgraced. Seriously.

      Sorry it wasn’t to your liking. But then how could it? I’ve yet to find anything on the entire internet that you actually like–and certainly nothing to the right of Trotsky, politically.

      But like I said in the broadcast, somewhere some poor bastard in the NH Democrat party has been selected to listen to us talk about how we don’t need or want the government to take other people’s property to so they can then try to bribe us with it, which is precisely the opposite of what they think government exists to do.

      You may just be the poor bastard in Manchester England who feels like they do. And you are welcome to your opinion, shouting at the darkness all the way to the government collapse, after which no one will have anything thanks to the government.

      • maccamcfc

        As a outsider looking in it amazes me how angry you lot are all the time it must be exhausting man.

        • Gntp NH

          Principles, and fighting for them, ARE exhausting, yes. Try it some time.

          • maccamcfc

            Naw, I carnt be arsed mate, ill let heroes like you do it for me, ta pal.

        • Steve

          Can’t recall the last time I was angry. Indifferent to your ability to tell the difference.

      • anthony002

        I am a very liberal member of the Democratic party, and your categorization of the party as believing that we

        “want the government to take other people’s property to so they can then try to bribe us with it”

        is the kind of partisan nonsense that further contributes to the political divide in this country.

        Article 1 Section 8 of the US Constitution gives the Congress the explicit authority to provide for the general welfare of the United States. Article 1 Section 8 is enumerated under the powers of Congress and the Constitution provides no specific definition of “general welfare”. It is up to Congress to determine exactly what that is.

        It is not a matter of “bribing” people. It is a matter of debating and deciding to what extent the government can and should provide services that are essential to the well being of society. No one objects to government law enforcement or government fire protection services. I see no one insisting that if someone wants law enforcement protection, they should pay for it solely out of their own pockets, and have their VISA card handy when they call 911.

        The fact is that the private sector will not provide any service if it is not profitable. That is not a criticism of capitalism, it is an observation of fact. What is the alternative other than government when services are required and profit cannot or at least should not be the primary objective?

        Time and time again I see conservatives cite Greece as the dire consequence of what will happen here, if liberal and Democratic policies prevail. Yet when I point out that every western industrial democracy in the world, including Japan, Israel and our western European NATO allies all have universal health care, I am told that comparisons with other countries are not valid.

        Personally, I think access to health care is no less important than access to police protection. We do not characterize federal, state or local law enforcement services as “bribery”. It is at best disingenuous to make that characterization about health care and other social services. I am a working taxpayer too. When I get the right to pick and choose where my tax dollars are spent, I will be happy to have everyone given the same right.

        Until that time comes, some of our tax dollars will always be used for purposes we disagree with. That is how our constitutional republic works.

        • Gntp NH

          You forgot the 9th and 10th Amendments. Congress does NOT get to “decide” what General Welfare is or isn’t. It’s been abused beyond belief…by Statists of both stripes.

    • granitegrok

      I’m curious why you think that – on which points do you disagree with us?

      • maccamcfc

        I am not from America, but as I look in on your great country and I love America (I am a Pats fan) I cannot believe that you think the government is going to come for your guns. you might say what do I know your from England, but I just don’t buy it, you know the whole the UN is behind it all conspiracy thingy. Am not saying you lot are in to conspiracy but you know a lot of people on your side think that.

        • Gntp NH

          A “disgrace”? I don’t expect any Euros to understand what the natural right of self defense means to America and how it swims in the DNA of our nation. Seems that DNA swam across in the 17th and 18th centuries…

          • maccamcfc

            Euros? That’s a currency mate, which being in the UK we don’t use, anyway I am a proud Mancunian that’s someone who is from Manchester if you didn’t know, have a look at the history of the city we are a proud working class city.

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  • geoff

    So, I assume that Mr. Hoell is entirely opposed to the Free State Project? He stated that Scott Brown moving up to NH, with MA plates still on his truck, and running for office is not the New Hampshire way. That’s the stated goal of the FSP! I can think of a few examples in Keene of people moving in to NH, REFUSING to register for NH plates, and running for elected office. Or is it only those who share Mr. Hoell’s political orientation where this is acceptable.
    Also, the notion that the use of violence is OK if you don’t like the outcome of the democratic, electoral process is the language of lunatics and goes against the principles on which the country was founded. What a posturing moron.

    • granitegrok

      Actually, JR is a Free Stater. Mr. Brown is seemingly the “political carpet-bagger” moving his legal domicile from MA to NH. He’s actually had a home in Rye, a vacation home, for a number of decades so he’s not really a Free Stater and isn’t moving for the regular Free State Project reasons.

      Oh, btw, NH’s Constitution does have Article 10 that speaks to this very reason. Go ahead and read it – it lends more context as we tend to accept ALL of the Constitution’s (US and NH) values.

      So Geoff, let me ask this – what do you do in the situation when Government itself becomes a special interest of itself? What happens, as I believe we are now starting to see, that the Bureaucracy takes on both the functions of the Congress (to legislate) and the Presidency (to execute) and the Judicial (to ajudicate) all on its own? Certainly we see this now with HHS and its implementation of Obamacare (multiple examples there, via “Shall” where the Congress abdicated its responsibility) and the EPA in setting regulations that truly should be legislated.

      • Cynthia Proffitt


        I have questions for you: What do you think is the “solution” when Govt “becomes a special interest of itself?”

        Do you support using violence when you think Govt “becomes a special interest of itself?”

        • granitegrok

          To your first question – shrink its size and scope. That eliminates the dark corners where Crony Capitalism can further entrench itself (after all, if there it is less big, there is less money on which to rent seek) and where “insiders” (individuals, groups, or unions) can establish themselves on a rather permanent basis as gatekeepers or Givers of Special favors.

          To your second, I would ask the question: when is enough, enough? Our nation was built out of violence when the Founding Fathers and the MinuteMen of Concord and Lexington decided that question. When would YOU decide that enough is enough?

      • geoff

        So, he’s a hypocrite as well as a thug and bully? I fail to see any
        difference between Brown, JR or any of the other FSP people.

        And article 10 has some important language: “and all other means of
        redress are ineffectual”. They’re called elections and just because JR
        doesn’t like the outcome doesn’t give him constitutional protection to
        threaten or initiate violence.

        It’s the same chicken-hawk rhetoric we’ve heard from the right far too often since President Obama was first elected. My guy didn’t win, must be time to water the tree of liberty blah blah blah.

        Don’t blame “The Government”, blame the voters.

    • Gntp NH

      If Brown actually joins the FSP and declares his support for Liberty, Free Markets, non-intervention, and reduced and restricted government- THEN I will support him. But come on, we all know he’s cut from a different carpet.

    • Steve

      JR doesn’t care if Scott Brown moves to NH. He actually says as much. But he doesn not beleive Mr. Brown’s postion on the second amendment aligns with New Hampshire citizen’s views. And he’d prefer if he not try to run for the Seante so that he can then legislate from DC that which NH itself has not and does not want.

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  • tpartynitwit

    “Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……………..Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……………..BARN COAT!…………………Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……………….PICKUP TRUCK!” –I’m Scott Brown, and I approve this message.

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