NH-GOP Hires Chris Christie Aid as New Executive Director

by Steve MacDonald

From James PindellNH-GOP_logo

CONCORD, N.H. —The New Hampshire Republican Party has hired a campaign aide to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to serve as its next executive director.

Until Tuesday, Matt Mowers served as a regional political director on Christie’s re-election campaign. Christie, a Republican, won with 60 percent of the vote in a very Democratic leaning state. Mowers was in charge of an eight-county region that had 2.2 million voters, far more than all of New Hampshire. Mowers was called a “political wonder boy” by PolitickerNJ.com.

“New Hampshire Republicans have an enormous opportunity to make significant gains in 2014 if they focus on the traditional Granite State principles of limited government and fiscal responsibility,” said Mowers. “I am thrilled to join Chairman Horn’s team, and I am eager to help our fiscally responsible candidates take back New Hampshire next November.”

Welcome to NH Matt.  If you can help us elect a Republican Governor…you might just get your own statue.

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  • NewHampshire

    This and the voter fraud win in Nashua, spells disaster for our NH GOP.

  • Radical Moderate

    This does not bode well for NH. Its my opinion that this was not a choice. It looks like the New Hampshire anti-establishment Republicans,’Tea Party’ movement and the 9/12 project have been having to much undue influence on the NHGOP and must be ‘dealt’ with forthwith. Those damn pesky Colonists!

  • Jersey Devil

    Politickernj.com, which called Mowers a “boy wonder” is a blog run by guess who? None other than David Wildstein, the Port Authority staffer who shut the traffic down on the GW Bridge after Mowers asked the Fort Lee Mayor to endorse Christie. Connect the dots.

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