Voter Fraud: See No Evil – Investigate No Evil

I dont always vote in NH but when I do I live at Martha Fuller Clarks HouseThe more you know about voter fraud in NH the more the smell of dead fish comes to mind.

Remember that “exoneration” of the clearly out-of-state campaign workers who from 2008 – 2012 were registered at NH State Senator Martha Fuller Clark’s voter fraud flophouse in Portsmouth?  Now, never say I have had an issue with her grown children who look like they live somewhere else but vote from her home. I am not even sure I remember their names, irrelevant to me, but this deal about the NH Attorney General’s Office “exonerating” Senator Clark – that is interesting, really interesting.

If The NH AG is investigating voter fraud, using their own special standards, not our laws, then their actions regarding the State Senator Clark voter fraud flophouse make sense.  Here is why:

According to what records NH citizens are allowed to see, Assistant Attorney General Mike Brown of Salem has an OFA worker stay at his single family home – and vote from there. Her name is Melissa Shohet of Ct., Hawaii, Washington DC, and now Salem NH. She does a bit of traveling from her “domicile” at Mike Brown’s house. Currently Melissa is working for a US Senator from Hawaii.

And it is hard to track down people who vote in NH, especially if they are German, but we think we have one at another AG employee’s home in Milford. This guy, look him up for yourself, Daniel K. Barluschke, an on again off again NH voter but confirmed OFA worker from Berlin, Germany. This guy voted from Millie Knudsen’s home and is still registered there.

Tell me, how could the AG come to any other conclusion if they themselves do what Martha Fuller Clark does – offer free room and board to Organizing for America/ACORN/Action and let them vote from their single family homes?