Democrats Make Fun of A Recently Deceased Republican – Steve Makes Fun of Them

Former NH State House Rep. Robert Kingsbury passed away recently.  On the whole, his brief contribution to liberty was well regarded.  But like anyone who dares set foot in the game, there were instances where he presented some ideas that caught the eye of his liberal opponents.

I didn’t know him, so I can’t comment about his age or clarity in this role he chose to take so late in life, but I did see the “obituary” at Misecellany: blue and I’d question just about everything they appear to be focusing on with regard to Kingsbury.

First, they suggest that having something a Republican did, reported on Think Progress, is making “National headlines.”  The Think Progress article gives a hat tip to Working America Blog–(no kidding, who?) both of which reference the Concord Monitor.  There are bathrooms in Manhattan that have more flushes in a day than the Monitor has subscribers.  I’d hardly call that making ‘National headlines.’   National headlines?  More people would have seen it scrawled on that bathroom wall. What Misc blue called national headlines is more like “Progressive propaganda mill picks up story from unread socialist blog and slants report by Liberal New Hampshire Newspaper that works very closely with the New Hampshire Democrat Party.”

I’m impressed.  No.  Really.  National.  Headlines.  Sure.

The crux of their complaint, by the way, was that Kingsbury thought that any law addressing individual rights and liberties should include a reference to its source in the Magna Carta.  Imagine that.  Democrats are offended by a document that hints at the idea that the “government” can’t do whatever it damn well pleases?  Whodathunkit?

State Dem Chair Ray Buckley considered the idea extreme. Of Course he did.  When the spend, print, and borrow liberlism all goes to Shiite he expects to be at the top of the food chain, as a memebr of the political class.  Anything that obstructs that pursuit would have to be extreme.

The real problem is, of course, that “the people” could do with understanding more about the roots of rights and liberties from oppressive governance but most Democrats are afraid of history they have yet to rewrite because it is filled with examples of how what they believe does not work.   Can’t have the kiddies knowing that they are being deprived of a natural right which happens to be a lot cheaper than the expensive variety the Democrats have been selling them with Political correctness, race baiting, class warfare, identity politics, guilt, intimidation, debt, red-tape and taxes.

The Magna Carta is actually looking pretty good right about now.

I’m sure the latte drinking aristocrats at the Concord Monitor were aghast at the idea of human rights and liberties by themselves, but to add a pull quote to relevant laws from a document that suggested that the government was not an all-powerful force lead by a charismatic untouchable leader that should never be questioned? “How dare he!”

There are only two other features to the Kingsbury obit.  A paragraph on how Kingsbury thought Kindergarten contributed to crime, as did the lack of gun ownership and the fact that they didn’t teach boxing anymore.  And then there is a lovely little YouTube video to make fun of those remarks.

For the record, there is more crime where people are prohibited from legally owning guns.  The Brady rating is practically a road sign warning travelers about high crime Rates.  The better the anti-gun groups grade, the more likely you’ll get mugged, raped, robbed, or killed.   And if that were not true Chicago would be Mayberry (to borrow the quote form Cam Edwards).  But Facts are inconvenient things when you are making fun of a dead guy and they suck up column inches.

As for Boxing, I’m not sure how many people in the inner city try to use sports, including boxing, to keep kids off the streets and out of gangs and away from crime, but I’ve seen liberal Hollywood’s movies and TV shows with that theme in them.  And I find the words ‘midnight basketball’ ringing in my ears with an undertone of cultural benefit with “it takes a village” in the minor key.   Be it boxing–somthing fondly recalled through Kingsbury’s own reminiscence–wrestling, baseball, football, pilates, clog dancing, or midnight basketball, directing the energy and time of the young toward athletic persuits has long been a tool for keeping them out of trouble and “off the streets.”

If the idiots at Miscellany; blue want to be that shallow, maybe vapid is a better word,  just so they can make fun of a dead Republican, so be it.  I have come not to praise vapid, uncivil liberal harpies and their ideologically cuckolded metro-sexual partners, but to bury them.  Not that they need any help from me; unless you happen to be a vapid, uncivil liberal harpy or their ideologically cuckholded metro-sexual partner,  you can see for yourself  that even in death they cannot contain the joy in their hearts that someone who opposes them politicaly–even briefly–has shuffled off their mortal coil.

So here’s the video.  By istelf, under other circumstances, it would be harmless and amusing, and no one would see it because frankly, it sucks.  Posted as it is, as part of an obituary of a member of the political oppostion, it demonstrates the complete and utter lack of taste, or class and the hypocrisy of the Democrat party.   After all, were it a republican or right leaning web site doing this about a recently deceased Democrat, no matter how obscure, you’d have already heard about it on MSNBC,CNN, and the alphabet networks, and their wbe sites, including Think Progress Huff Po, etc, all day.  Over and over.  Ad nauseum.  Congressional Democrats Carol Shea-Porter and Ann Kuster, maybe every Democrat running for office, would have fundraising emails in your in-box asking for donations to help them “stop it now,” whatever it was they were told they had to stop.

Such is the political landscape upon which we tread.  Such is the epic hypocrisy of the left.

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Steve is a New Hampshire resident, blogger, and activist. A member of the 603 Alliance, NHCMP, NHRVC, LFGC, and the host of GrokTALK! Please Note: My opinions are my own and not those of my Family, employers, or other contributors or commenters at GraniteGrok

  • nhcitizen

    The hypocrisy of the left is apparent with this trash. But did we expect more from them?

  • Ed Naile

    Bob Kingsbury was one of the most thoughtful, decent people you would ever want to meet.
    He served in WWII with a carbine rifle in Patton’s Army on the front and was one of the few people you could ever meet and talk to who was one of the first to walk into a NAZI prison camp upon its liberation.
    He saw first hand what progressives want in their re-designed socialist man and spent his life trying to prevent it from happening again.
    Bob would not have given these two smirking socialist a second thought.

  • Ellen Kolb

    Bobby Stephen, former Democratic state senator, could show the Miscellany Blue folks (and everyone else) how boxing can be constructive. Witness his annual Fight to Educate, which is actually being held tomorrow, if I’m not mistaken. That might put some of the Kingsbury bashers way out of their comfort zone, though. May Rep. Kingsbury rest in peace.

  • Stella Tremblay

    Robert Kingsbury has integrity, honesty and continued to serve the people to his last days. Many that have served in the military consider their “giving” done, which is understandable. Robert Kingsbury ran in 13 elections, before being elected. He served one term (two years) and was not reelected for a second. However, with his own funds he contacted by registered mail over 200 same day voters that were “unknown”. He turned over the letters to Secretary of State for further investigation. I would not hold my breath to await the outcome of the findings.. Corruption is rampant in State politics too, as well as in Washington, DC. Robert Kingsbury was a man of honor, and I was absolutely in awe of his straightforward solutions…restoring the Constitution.
    To all those who think otherwise, I have this to say: “There IS a God!!! and YOU will be accountable for all you do to others in words and in deeds. Justice will be meted out to those with filthy and lying tongues.

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