OFA Activist and Supporter Dylan Bleier Caught Perpetrating Race Hoax at Oberlin

by Steve MacDonald

Another Swastika - This one with OFA connections

Another Swastika – This one with OFA connections

We have long argued that there is a great deal of hate being manufactured by the left.  It is their stock in trade, if not as kindling for the fires that drive them personally, then as accelerant to divide the nation into bits they can then pander too in pursuit of power.  Well here is what may well be a premier example of Democrat hate at work.

Since last February there has been an ongoing debate about Race and Hate at Oberlin College after a series of…well, see for yourself…

Daily Caller:  One of the two students removed from Oberlin College earlier this year for allegedly circulating virulently racist, anti-Jewish and anti-gay messages around campus  is an ardent leftist and committed supporter of President Obama, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned.

Dylan Bleier, one of the two students, hosted a voter registration drive in a Walmart parking lot sponsored by Organizing for Action, the community organizing project that advances the agenda of President Obama.

The Oberlin Police Department identified Bleier and his partner in the spree, Matt Alden, as two of the principal architects of a month-long spate of racist, anti-Jewish and anti-gay messages at the small, private campus.

Now, Dylan is your typical college idiot who has now been kicked out of Oberlin for his race-hate hoax, a tactic that is not new for the  left.  I am more than certain that this was inspired, calculated and perhaps even encouraged by the professional left and the same OFA-holes who have been voting in New Hampshire before running off to work for Democrats in DC or to work their campaigns.

The interesting thing about Dylan is that he’s actually on the record against this sort of thing.  Just a few months before he began his month long hate-fest, and a long time before he lawyered up after he got caught, he is quoted stating that he’s kind of sort of against that.

Oberlin Review

When it comes to a discussion regarding ObieTalk’s place in the Oberlin community, many students disagree. Some see the forum as an important addition to the College. College sophomore Dylan Bleier considers the website as an extension of free speech.

“Free speech should be protected unless it’s actively inciting hate or violence against a group,” said Bleier. “If so, legal action should be taken.”

Dylan was quoted above on Dec 12, 2012.  His race hoax began on or around Feb 9, 2013.

Dylan has been kicked out of Oberlin but the county prosecutor is not pressing charges, apparently against his own wishes.

Given that Dylan engaged in or orchestrated a rash of hate related activity with at least one other person, of the sort the left insists is part and parcel to the rights psyche, then we have some questions we need to ask.

Dylan is an Obama baby.  Supports him, advocates, promotes, is an admitted democrat, and so on.  So is the hate real,  an example of the Democrat hate machine when the mask slips, or is he just an example of the Democrat/Obama propaganda hate machine that creates hate to blame on the right because it cannot find any in the real world?

They are calling it a race hoax.  Is it a hoax or was it a calculated political action by an OFA activist…who got caught.


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  • Radical Moderate

    Strange, I suddenly feel the need to say the word, ‘Reichstag’.

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  • WardKendall

    Dylan Bleier was caught. But how many other ignorant (and stupid) Leftists persist in spreading their lies? Whatever the case, understand for yourselves what is at stake by reading a powerful, thought-provoking novel that dramatically illustrates the struggle whites are now facing, as they plunge towards racial minority status in both this country and the world.

    That novel is “Hold Back This Day”…

  • Ed Naile

    Isn’t that the group that campaigned here all over the state and voted here ILLEGALLY (and took sides in the Democrat Primary – sorry Cilley:)

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  • xenonman

    Someone definitely in need of serious professional help!

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