GrokTALK! August 3rd, 2013

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Skip, Mike and Steve start with vote fraud, the .905 rifle, and how many fish and game guys does it take to ‘protect’ a fawn. Then Ed Naile joins us to talk about the law and how in New Hampshire it has been diluted, hidden, or ignored.

In Segment Two David Hurst and Bob Burns drop in to talk about the discussion of vote fraud, the meaning of intent, the resurrection of Geoff Wetrosky, something called an absentee ballot, what if a few thousand free staters showed up for election day and did what the Democrats insist is ‘legal,’ being the first in the nation primary with some of the most porous election law in the nation. (All that, and yes…even more.)

In Segment Three we continue with Bob Burns and David Hurst, wandering the field of Republican politics, discussing the ‘establishment,’ what happens to people when they are surrounded by the political class, and a lot more…

In segment Four Lou Milanesi and Paul Horvath tell us about the Benghazi vigils, their take on that attack, the tragedy, what they are hoping to accomplish, and the pursuit of answers about events before during and after that September 11th attack.

All that and everything else we could squeeze into two hours. It’s not your typical political talk program, it’s GrokTALK!

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