When gods walked the earth, playing guitars…

by Tim Condon

From Gerard Van der Leun’s American Digest:

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  • Chris P. Bacon

    Awesome stuff. Makes me want to fire up the vaporizer and attack a quart of Ben and Jerry’s!!

    cpb-sultan of chubby

  • Ah! That was just too Kick Ass! The “time and place” memories just came flooding back to me…That song was on the top 40 charts the year I got my drivers license. I still remember cruising the streets of Derry in my ’69 Ford Fairlaine 500 convertible and This Dire Straits 8-Track plugged into the dash! Just a kid then. Now I am an old fart like you, Tim

  • balencesto

    Remember seeing them with Stevie Ray Vaughan as the opening act at the Forum in Montreal. Knopfler is one of a handful of rock guitarists(including Lindsey Buckingham and Richard Thompson) who don’t use a pick. Love the sound of that “ice water” strat in his hands!

  • Dick Siano

    Thanks Tim, for giving me the opportunity to some time traveling. Watching it really made me feel good!

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