The Anthony Weiner of Worcester Might Run Again?

Former member of the Massachusetts House, Rep John P. Fresolo, who was accused of sharing photographic evidence of his “little House member” on the computer of a female State House staffer, was put on paid leave, said he would not resign, and then resigned–ending the ethics investigation against him, and three and a half weeks later has now considered running for the seat he just resigned for.

So autophotoerotica just doesn’t do it for you?  You have to have to share?

Then there’s this other little problem.  Actually, you’re ethically challenged, how could this be a problem for you?

Upon his resignation Democrat rep John P. Fresolo said this…

“Regretfully, I submitted my resignation today from the House of Representatives,” Mr. Fresolo told the Telegram & Gazette. “I am resigning because I am not currently effective, and I do not see that changing in the short run, and the people of my district need effective representation. Because of that I have decided to step down at this time.”

When he said :Short run” he wasn’t kidding.  Seventeen days passed between the day he announced his resignation and the the press reported his interest in running for the same seat again.  So two weeks after you resigned you’re thinking you can be effective again? Do you have some kind of ethics Viagra you have been taking?  Or did you have something you want to share with someone…really-really badly!?

It’s all smoke and mirrors anyway.

Fresolo agreed to resign after some closed door meetings in which he was probably instructed to resign so that the investigation would end.  He’s been creeping around the Massachusetts state house for more than a decade. Who wants to bet their is a shredder somewhere that has seen more than its fair share of similar “complaints?”

The investigation mentioned some Per Diem expenses that were being looked at as well.  That is probably just a smoke screen.  Milking the taxpayers is a well understood policy position of Massachusetts Democrats.  You can talk about Per Diem abuse but it can’t hold a candle to the legislating they do.  And looking across a room for of dirt bags, who can honestly pick one or two out for special treatment unless they do something dramatic like get caught taking bribes (emphasis on caught) or managed to get busted thinking that it’s no big deal to share a picture of your business with a female staffer.

Who thinks that way?  The divorced, Roman Catholic, Career Massachusetts House Democrat John P. Fresolo.  And, gee, what do you think he was after?   Anyone want to guess why he might be divorced?  He wasn’t wearing a Tiger suit was he?

While I’m pondering, does the P stand for Peter?   That would be too damn funny.  You know what else is funny?  Fresolo’s only big dollar political donation (that I could find) was $1000.00 dollars to Bill Clinton.  Bill Clinton.

Just some passing advice to the constituents of the Worcester Weiner if he does run again.   I’d skip shaking his hand, and accept no palm cards or photographs.

Note: Here’s a Weiner roundup, just in case you miss all the puns and double entendre.  Or the lies, cover ups…Democrats at their best.