What Are The Odds He Keeps His Pension?

by Steve MacDonald

New London Police Chief David Sestrand, who has been a member of the department for 27 years,  has resigned and will permanently relinquish his certification as a police officer.

On March 6, 2013, a complaint was made with the Attorney Generals Office regarding Seastrand’s interaction with an adult female who had been arrested a few days prior. The complainant alleged that Seastrand indicated her charges would be dropped if she allowed him to take a series of nude photographs of her.

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The AG is dropping the charges and ending the investigation as a result of the resignation.

Seastrand has 27 years in.  What are the odds this is the first time he’s used his position of power for his personal advantage or pleasure?  And now he gets to retire at what, maybe 50 years of age?  So the AG just lets him walk away, no in depth investigation, and very likely with his full pension.    Not exactly a punishment is it?  You get caught using your police powers to bully a woman and they make you quit without charging you and (assuming he’s keeping his pension) give you a big bag of money every year until you die.

Exit question:  Does anyone else come forward, Tiger Woods style, to start piling up accusations of improper conduct or does Seastrand retire in modest comfort and melt into the landscape?

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