Words of Wisdom for the GOP – from Uncle Ted!

by Skip

“Working hard, playing hard America is literally recoiling in shock and dismay on an hourly basis,” Nugent said. “Where is the GOP?”

Any person reading the ‘Grok for any amount of time know that we like Ted Nugent.  Why?  Rather simple, really – a true blue Patriot and Conservative , he knows what he believes, says it simply and FORCEFULLY, refuses to back down from those beliefs, and doesn’t put up with any crap from the Politically Correct Progressives (or mincing Old Guard Republicans either).  Stand UP, go BIG, and never go home with your tail between your legs (aka, Sarah Palin’s “Reload!”).

But, far it be for me to speak for The Nuge – here’s his advice to the Grand Old Party that can’t seem to get out of its own way (emphasis mine):

Nugent said Republicans are too focused on being polite and looking pretty than on winning the fight.

“They got to quit adjusting their ties and be more forceful,” Nugent said. “Did you see me fix Piers Morgan? That should be shown at every Republican gathering and say ‘this is how you do that.’ You don’t back off, you don’t acquiesce, you don’t stop your statement to allow him to attack you further. You escalate.”

Nugent said Republicans don’t seem to have that street fighter mentality necessary to win.

It’s almost like Mr. Rogers with Lawrence Welk music,” he said. “That can’t win anything. The other side is ruthless. They’re just ruthless. They’ll do whatever they have to do. Improvise, adapt and overcome would serve us better.”

He continued, “If we improvise, adapt, and overcome, at least the Republicans and conservative – we could remain honest and sincere and everything we stand for we could support we stand for with historical and current facts and logic, but we’re too polite. Maybe that’s why I’m allergic to ties. I see too many Republicans worried about grooming instead of winning.”

Let’s shorten this, shall we?  Three words:

Man up, GOP!

(H/T: Big Hollywood)

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