The Ten-Piece McNugent

by Steve MacDonald

I often have passing thoughts for which there is no suitable blog in which to fit them.  This is one of those.Ten Piece NcNugents

Introducing the Ten Piece McNugent.

Made from the freshest venison, elk, caribou, mountain lion, wild turkey, or any number of other beasts.  There’s really no way to know.  The only guarantee we can give you is that Ted shot it.

Note on side of box: Hunting has nothing to do with the second amendment.

Bah-duh-bah-bah-bah! (I’m Lovin’ it!)

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  • Hunter Dan

    And most likely he shot it over bait at a high-fence preserve or on his own private ranch using less-than fair-chase means. Come to VT, NH or ME Teddy boy and see if you are the hunter you claim you are.

    • C. dog e. doG

      Fair chase? Anything like fare share?
      – C. dog

      • IWKAGGP

        Yeah. I hunt fair chase and if I’m lucky I get my fair share of venison!

        • C. dog e. doG

          I prefer to pick up my game alongside the highways and byways of New Hamster – less lead, reduced stress on the back hauling the beast to the vehicle, and quite thrifty. Plus, there’s a whole cookbook dedicated to its preparation!
          – C. dog hunts with his very big, registered weapon of choice

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