Send a Wanker home for Christmas…

by Tom

Piers Morgan is a Wanker

Piers Morgan is a degenerate, rude, America-hater (even though he profits from it), and he spent the better part of this week irrationally arguing to limit our second amendment rights on his CNN “news” show.

And he’s not a US citizen.

Someone with good sense decided to put up a White House petition, suggesting we deport the wanker.

I suggest we all sign it, and force the Whitehouse to respond, which they must do when any petition gets 25,000 signatures.

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  • What is it they say when deporting spies and subversives?
    “activities incompatible with his status”?
    Maybe not a spy, but definitely a subversive – deport him! Off with his head!

  • Look, we’ve worked long and hard to create this Republic of Free Men, and we didn’t do it just so that a bunch of degenerate freeloaders like Piers Morgan could ride the gravy train for life!
    (Thereby thoroughly mangling two quotations from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.}


    Piers is an ass. I say, since “our friends across the pond” have banned Michael Savage from their land that we should counter with banning this limey windbag. A little quid pro quo.

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  • 65,000 and growing…

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